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A Flavorful Dutch Baby

A combination of a popover and a crepe, Dutch Baby (also known as German pancakes) can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dessert, and even made savory for a delightful supper. For this recipe, …

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Baked Chicken Caprese for Mother’s Day

Delight Mom when you prepare this delicious one-pan meal on Mother’s Day. Whether for lunch or dinner, pair it with her favorite beverage and make a toast about all she means to you.  Prep Time: …

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Beverages & Cocktails

Pear la Fleur — Designed for fyi50+

I created this unique cocktail to pair with Rebecka Evans’s delicious Dutch Baby recipe. Because of the rich taste of the Dutch Baby, I decided to complement it with a light, refreshing, effervescent gin cocktail. …

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Gods of Wine — A Rowdy Shout-Out to Dionysus & Bacchus

The holidays are here, and it’s time to celebrate. Wine buddies, Dionysus and Bacchus, are ready to roll. I recently interviewed them, but first, a little background. Dionysus Dionysus is the Greek God of wine …

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Restaurants & Reviews

Real Friendly Coffee

Texas Roaster Tips Its Hat to a Bold Cup of Joe! Few things go together better than coffee and the holidays. A cup’s warmth and good cheer make the season special. Even if you have …

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The Heritage Table in Frisco Welcomes You Home for Dinner

In the heart of old Frisco, right beyond the railroad tracks, sits a beautiful, green-painted house with a stone walkway at 7110 Main Street. You may have driven by a few times, possibly even noticed …

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