Flower Power

Enjoy a Soothing Maple Lip Gloss

By Alexis Clare ~ Texas winters can be pretty wild. It’s either dry and cold, or weirdly hot and humid. Either way, the heat or air conditioning does a number on my lips. Protect your lips with this soothing lip gloss, easy to make right in your kitchen! With an ingredient that is a must

Enjoy this DIY Cucumber & Chamomile Cleanser

Your skin will love it By Alexis Clare ~ After spending time gardening in the sun, take a few minutes for a little self-care. This Cucumber & Chamomile Facial Cleanser is perfect for delicate and sensitive skin, with a combination of natural astringents that are oh-so soothing. Cucumber & Chamomile Facial Cleanser 2 tablespoons fresh

The Power of Flowers in Caring for Our Skin

By Yeun Byun. A beautiful patch of lavender and chamomile grows in the garden awaiting a bountiful harvest as summer nears. Flowers draw us in, and we celebrate their fleeting beauty from time to time.  As humans, we’ve been co-creating symbiotic relationships with these colorful blooms for centuries. From ancient Egyptian perfume making to medicinal herb

Enjoy a Little “Me Time” with a Wine Facial Steam

By By Alexis Clare ~   Who doesn’t like a little wine for some personal time? When used topically, wine has antioxidant properties. I’ve whipped up this simple recipe that you can tailor to your needs. Choose white wine for skin tightening, or red wine for anti-aging properties. WINE FACIAL STEAM Ingredients: 1/2 cup wine

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