Global Awareness

Drink Wine for a Taste of Global Culture

By Jeanne Savelle~ People around the world have enjoyed wine in some form for at least 3,000 years. Through the drink, you’ll find the complex notes of history, identity, religion, politics, economics, and much more from cultures across the globe. The Botany of Desire by Michael Pollan explores how the grapevine and wine are intertwined

Water: Our Unquenchable Desire for More

By Chad Etheridge~ The western sky glows like a burning ember. The deck beneath your feet shifts with each wave. As your ship sails towards the distant horizon, you are wary and concerned: That water is going to plunge off the edge, and you and your craft will likely fall into oblivion. This is what

Beware of COVID-19 Vaccine Scams

By Heather McKinney~ One light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel is the distribution of various vaccines. Beware, though — scammers and fraudsters are attempting to use this breakthrough for their own financial gain. County health services require qualified residents to sign up for vaccines via an online form or over the phone. The

Native Fashion Designers Making an Impact in the Fashion Industry

By Cynthia Arnold~ There is a new generation of Native designers and models creating a fashion renaissance on runways, in top fashion magazines, across the Internet and in specialty stores. Today’s Native designers and models are expanding their creations and breaking the mode of all styles of designs within the fashion world. “You don’t have

What’s All the Buzz About Bees?

These Fascinating Creatures Are Un-‘Bee’-lieveable By Sharon Kurtz ~ Have you ever had the opportunity to observe a honeybee’s busy work as it meanders from flower to flower on a cloudless, summer’s day? Honeybees are known for their honey and beeswax production, as well as the significant role they play in the pollination of plants

Living the Spirit of Aloha

By One Earth United ~ From the hearty “Howdy” of Texas to the warm “Aloha” of Hawaii, every culture has its way of greeting others. For some, these words are so much more than mere salutations. Take, for example, “Aloha,” which is the core essence of the soul of Hawaii. It means value, honor, respect,

Raise a Cup to International Coffee Day

Coffee lovers unite for a daylong celebration of morning joe By Sharon Kurtz~ October 1 is International Coffee Day, a day of celebration honoring coffee and promoting awareness of issues facing the coffee community.  This special day recognizes the millions of people around the world — from coffee farmers to roasters, baristas, and coffee companies

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