Growing Bolder

Build a Foundation to Age Independently

By: Carol Marak Busy people often don’t think critically about the future. Jobs, raising kids, caring for loved ones, practicing faith, staying fit, and learning new skills all consume time and energy. It’s no surprise few have the energy to negotiate the affairs of later life — the affairs that impact the decades ahead. Regrettably,

Living Well with Alzheimer’s

Advancements in Treatment By: Scott Finley | Reviewed by: Dr. Mary Quiceno An estimated 6.2 million Americans age 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s dementia. Research tells us the actual disease process may begin up to 20 years prior to the development of symptoms. All individuals with dementia pass through a precursor stage called

Your New Normal Life After the Pandemic

By: Jeanne Savelle As the pandemic dies down and you re-engage with “normal” life, you may find you can’t or don’t want to go back to the lifestyle you had before. You’ve changed; life has changed. How can you move forward in a positive way, embrace new possibilities, and leave behind what no longer works?

Always in Bloom

Life Lessons from Non-Child Prodigies By: Edward Brown The trappings of outward success are often tied to one’s age. Launch a successful tech company at 56 and you’re a laudable innovator. Accomplish that feat while a sophomore in college, like Mark Zuckerberg, and you’re a celebrity. Western culture’s fascination — some would say preoccupation —

Garage Sale Success!

Strategies for Your Biggest and Best Garage Sale By Kimberly Blaker ~ Rummage sales are a great way to clear out, recycle, and make some extra cash — all while putting your languishing piles of stuff to good use in someone else’s home. Follow these suggestions for a successful sale and a clutter-free home. ♦

Sun Protection: What You Need to Know

By Lynn Jenkins ~ Each year as summer approaches, the conversation surrounding sun protection becomes a priority. We see commercials almost hourly urging us to add sun protection to our daily skincare regimen, and we learn how our favorite makeup products now contain some form of antioxidant protection from the sun’s damaging rays. With all

Empowering Techniques for Solo Adults

By Carol Marak~ Much of society believes American households consist of a nuclear family: A man, woman, and two children. Remarkably, the U.S. Census Bureau tells us otherwise — American households consist primarily of solo adults. Accordingly, 35.7 million Americans live alone. That’s 28 percent of households, an increase from 13 percent of households in

Celebrating ‘Seniorship’ … with Dance

By Kristin Dupont ~ There are lots of milestones by which we can mark our lives. Turning 60 is a big one — and not just for individuals! The Senior Source, Dallas’s No. 1 resource for empowering and equipping older adults, is attempting a celebration for its 60th birthday never seen before: A virtual dance

Spirit Is Ageless

CC Young Celebrates Ageless Creativity By Shirley Flint, CC Young Resident~ My first connection to CC Young Senior Living was through a watercolor class I attended with my close friends Rozina Vlasimsky and Jacque Wacker. Little did I know that watercoloring — and the fun we had at the weekly classes — would lead me

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