Health & Well-being


The Buying Power of Women

How women shape economy and business. Women account for or influence 70%-80% of all buying decisions. In 2017, Forbes estimated the value of the “female economy” at $18 trillion and growing. These statistics reveal the …

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Graphic of Cell Phones Depicting Online Dating

Online Dating for the 50+

What to expect when you’re expecting a great dating experience. As the weather warms up and outdoor activities expand, there’s no better time to check “date more” off your goal list. If you’re 50 or …

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Improve Your Health in Nine Easy Steps

We all would do better to improve your health, but sometimes it seems so intimidating. If you think doing so takes a lot of time and effort — well, it can. But there are also …

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The Secret to Exercise? Everything Counts.

When exercising, everything counts. Therefore, the key to exercise is movement. Sure, some of that movement may come from a 45-minute spin class, a 30-minute swim, an hour walking hills in the great outdoors, or …

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Mindfulness & Relaxation

Sacred Disruption

Reimagine everything! Disruption has become the norm! The pandemic has certainly disrupted us, for good and for ill. Devices and technology continue to disrupt our homes and the way we do business, for good and …

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Yoga, Meditation, and Breath

Tiffany Lord, corporate yoga coach and the founder of Love + Asana, is here to answer more of your burning questions about the art and practice of yoga. Why do we hold the poses for …

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Person Meditating

To Feel Your Best, Focus on Your Spirit

Deepak Chopra once said, “Our bodies are the battleground for the wars we wage in our mind.” I never understood that quote until my thoughts and emotions began manifesting physical symptoms in my body. In …

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From Corporate to Purposeful Living

There comes a moment in all our lives wherein we must make the choice to wake up to our true, authentic nature or continue what I call “sleep-living”: Going through the motions of a monotonous, …

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Superfoods for Health and Wellness

Years ago, a heavily pregnant Dr. Unoma Okorafor went looking for organic, non-GMO papaya fruit and leaves to help support her pregnancy. She seemed like just another pregnant woman searching for fruits. And yet, she …

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Fuel Your Day with Protein

Working as a clinical dietitian on the geriatric floor at Parkland Hospital several decades ago left a lasting impression on me. Many things change as we age, including the gradual loss of muscle. People who …

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Skincare & Beauty

Vitamin C and Retinoids for Anti-Aging

It’s easy to fall prey to the many promises of youthful, flawless skin. Despite the abundance of products and procedures available, only a few with scientific evidence behind them are available. When addressing the signs …

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Eyes and Neck—Vital Areas to Target On Your Skincare Journey

When it comes to the appearance of signs of age, we often notice distinct changes in the way the skin on our face looks and feels. We see the loss of firmness, uneven texture, and …

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