Health & Well-being


Grey Divorce on the Rise

What do Al Gore, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos all have in common? They are all baby boomers who divorced after 20 or more years of marriage: Al Gore’s marriage ended after 40 years, Bill …

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How to Have a Good Time During a Bad Time

Regardless of what’s going on in your life and how you feel about it, it’s still your life. Whether you’re making the best of it or allowing yourself to suffer in misery, you’re making a …

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You Are Not Too Old to Run

Paul Scelsi tells you why.  Paul Scelsi loves to run. He loves it so much, he wrote a book about it. He loves it so much, he wants you to love it, too. Maybe you …

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Improve Your Health in Nine Easy Steps

We all would do better to improve your health, but sometimes it seems so intimidating. If you think doing so takes a lot of time and effort — well, it can. But there are also …

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Mindfulness & Relaxation

What Are the Qualities of a Resilient Person?

We’ve all seen news coverage of natural disasters, fires, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. We’ve seen the people who lost everything. And yet, they seem to have the strength to go on, saying they’ll rebuild. …

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How to Deal with Anxiety of the Unknown

I’ve never liked the unknown. Some might say I’m controlling, but I’m just more comfortable with setting a strategy and committing to it. But life doesn’t always move in such a deliberate way. As I …

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Get Your Memory Screened

One of the hardest things to grasp as we age is changes to our memory. There is such a thing as “normal, age-related changes to your memory.” You might be a little slower and you …

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Kim and David McDavid

An Enduring Love While Living with Alzheimer’s Photos By: Kim Leeson ~  You can hear the love in David McDavid’s voice when he talks about Kim, his wife of 33 years. Kim, for whom he …

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The Best Foods to Eat After 50

Shop wisely at the grocery store. As we grow older, we look for ways we can improve our lives. One is adjusting the time and attention you give to your most important asset in life: …

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Gluten: Hero, Villain, or Neither?

I recently saw an acquaintance who told me how great she felt because she’d made the decision to eliminate gluten from her diet. I was thrilled to hear she was feeling good. But I wondered …

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Skincare & Beauty

Essential Oil Basics for New Users

Plant medicine has been around since the beginning of time, and the popularity of essential oils and natural ingredients today is a sign many of us find comfort in getting back to basics. But what …

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Create Your Own Perfume in French St. Martin! Fragrance is like magic, a whiff of mystery that stays with you forever.  ~Anonymous There are many reasons people wear perfume. For some, it’s something setting them …

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