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Think You Can’t Have Color in the Summer Heat?

By: Dotty Woodson | Horticulturist Adding color to the landscape is easy and quick with the use of containers. A container of any size, shape, and color will add color to the landscape, patio, deck, balcony, and porch. The advantage of growing in containers is the ease of changing color, moving the colorful plants to

Creating Color in Your Landscape

By Dotty Woodson, Horticulturist | Photos by Dotty Woodson ~ Nothing brightens the landscape more than colorful flowers and foliage, and spring is a perfect time to add color to your landscape. The garden centers are filled with so many choices, so now is the time to plant! First, consider the size and location of

Make Your Yard Friendly for Wildlife!

By Melinda Myers | Photos by Melinda Myers~ We love watching bunnies hop across the lawn or ground squirrels scurry with a cheek-full of seeds — until they dine on our favorite shrub or take just one bite out of each red ripe tomato in the garden. As gardeners, we know digging in the soil

Tips for Your Seed Starting Success

By Melinda Myers~ You ordered some or all of the seeds to start your garden, and they are beginning to arrive. Make the most of your investment with a little bit of planning. Starting seeds at the proper time, indoors or directly in the garden, ensures an excellent start to the growing season. Check the

Perfume Your Garden with Lilies

By Melinda Myers~ The garden season is filled with flowers and scents that may generate fond memories of our past. You can add some delightful fragrance to your gardens and create new memories by growing hardy lilies. Most people have heard of and perhaps even grown the world’s most popular lily, Stargazer. This Oriental lily is

Four Easy Holiday Season Gardening Trends

By Melinda Myers~ Whether you want to stand out at holiday gift exchanges or give beautiful gifts throughout the year, these low-maintenance gardening trends offer fun and classic ways to keep gift-giving fresh. Terrariums These mini greenhouses continue to grow in popularity and are perfect for new or timid gardeners. Just plant a few small

Grow Frilly, Bold, and Unique Amaryllis in Your Garden This Winter

By Melinda Myers~ When the squirrels start storing nuts for winter, it’s time for gardeners to prepare amaryllis bulbs for the dreary months ahead. Ordering bulbs now ensures you have lots of choices for an assortment of different flower styles, colors, and bloom times. Amaryllis bloom with stunning petals and beautiful colors that sure to

Allium ‘Purple Sensation’ |

Plant Now for a Colorful Spring Display

By Melinda Myers~ It’s already time to think about spring! Fall is the time to plant daffodils, crocus, alliums, and other spring-flowering bulbs, so look for these early, cheery bloomers as winter gives way to spring. Include bulbs that bloom at various times for a more everlasting display of color in your garden. Check the

Safely Manage Insect Pests in Your Gardens

Your plants will reward you beautifully By Melinda Myers ~ You plant and tend your garden to enjoy a bountiful harvest and beautiful blooms. And yet, despite proper planning and planting, insects can move in and wreak havoc. The good news is you can manage problem pests without harming the pollinators so important to your

Get Your Gloves On For Gardening

By Sue Mintz ~ There are many health benefits to getting a little dirt under your nails. US News and World Report reported that growing your own garden, whether it’s indoors, in your backyard, or at a designated plot in a community garden can do more than provide tasty produce and beautiful flowers.   Digging in the

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