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Native Plants Conserve Water and Save Money

By: Dotty Woodson, Horticulturist | Water departments and districts are asking everyone to check their irrigation system for leaks and inefficiencies. This is not new and will never change. Too much water is wasted through …

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Summer Lawn Secrets

Know More, Water Less By: Helen Dulac You can have a lush lawn and water twice a week — or less — during the heat of the Texas summer. The North Texas Municipal Water District …

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Call Me a (Water) Taxi!

By: Debra Goldie Jones I want to live in a tiny house on stilts, in the middle of George Bush Turnpike, on the overpass between I-30 and Route 66. The view is spectacular. And I …

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Glamp in Luxury for the Perfect Bastrop Getaway

By: Janie H. Pace We wanted something different to spend a weekend. I had heard of glamping — “glamorous camping” — so I did some research and found the perfect location: The Reserve at Greenleaf, …

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Yardwork with Sinatra, Springsteen, and Willie!

By: Broc Sears ~ I could be your neighbor. Luckily not the one with the window-shaking stereo, but maybe the one whose playlist lightly wafts by your porch on a summer day. I love to …

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Lifehacks, Tips, and Helpful Hints

By Broc Sears ~ At least once a semester, my classroom discussions branch off into conversations about lifehacks. Lifehacks are strategies to make life easier — from how to get fingerprints off the fridge to …

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Walking with Your Fur Buddy: Tips for Leash-Training Your Dog

By: Laura Sutherland |  Ah, the simple pleasure of taking a nice long walk with your fur buddy! Or is it not so pleasurable? Such a simple and necessary activity is less than ideal if …

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Cat Facts

By: Laura Sutherland | Photo by: H.B. Frankel~ I love dogs, but I consider myself a cat person. I’ve had cats my whole life! Lots of folks, however, don’t like our feline friends for a …

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Local Dog Parks for Your Fur Babies

Your one-stop directory of all the dog parks in the Dallas Fort Worth area.


Your Fabulous Horoscopes for September 15 – October 15, 2021

ARIES Dear fiery warriors, you cosmic kids of the zodiac, you may find yourselves feeling a little restricted for the next few weeks as all of the retrogrades and earthly aspects give you the feeling …

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Organizer Coach

Giving Away with an Ice Cream Toast

Celebrate National Give Something Away Day with a cone of ice cream By: Tammy O’Neal | ACC, CPT CSSC ~  Summer months are great for lazy, hazy relaxing days soaking in the sunshine, drinking lemonade, …

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How to Declutter Diagram

How Decluttering Improves Your Life

Learn to Free Up Space and Energy By Marlene Caraballo ~ Clearing out accumulated possessions and being more selective about what objects you surround yourself with in your home not only helps you appreciate what’s …

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