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Grow Your Veggies — or Citrus Trees — in Containers

Nothing is better than picking and eating a fresh tomato, pepper, or squash straight from your garden. But if you don’t have a large space for a vegetable garden, fear not! Grow your delicious veggies …

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It’s Spring – Baby Bunnies in the Backyard

With spring comes all sorts of surprises, especially when you live near a park and wildlife is abundant. Indiana, the German Shephard of my daughter and her family helped find a baby rabbit nest under …

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Van on a Road Trip

Why Take a Road Trip: Five Benefits

On a recent road trip up the California coast, my husband and I recalled the many road trips we’d taken as kids. I came from a family of five kids; he was one of a …

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The Road to Hana: Worth the Journey AND the Destination

Is the Road to Hana worth the drive? I always say YES!  It’s an unforgettable winding journey of amazing sights and scenery. Something makes you gasp in awe around every corner — the very essence …

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Google Offers Much More Than You Know

Many take Google for granted. They know it sells smartphones, owns YouTube, and is a search engine. But just like 90% of an iceberg’s mass lies below the surface of the water, there is far …

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Connecting the Dots: Use Technology for the Things You Love

As the world grows increasingly digitized, it’s easy to assume everyone can access the latest technology. But many adults often face significant barriers to accessing and using technology, leading to isolation and feelings of disconnection …

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Understanding Cat Behaviors

Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

What does it mean when your furry feline friend puffs its tail? What’s the best way to handle your cat’s neuroticism? Why is your kitty scratching up all your furniture? Cats have darn good reasons …

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Can My Dog Learn to Greet Visitors Politely?

YES! My favorite trainer says the best place to start is with good basic obedience training. Once your pup has mastered the basic “sit” cue, everything else becomes an offshoot of that simple behavior. The …

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Local Dog Parks for Your Fur Babies

Your one-stop directory of all the dog parks in the Dallas Fort Worth area.


Astrocast for May and June 2023

Hello, cosmic kids! We may feel lazy and dream of summer breezes while parked in a chair on the beach… but wake up! Venus is in Gemini, which could make for some seriously social moments. …

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Astrocast for March and April 2023

March starts off sentimental, especially for water signs Pisces and Cancer. Reminiscing about the past will take up your time, and you’ll need to shake off that nostalgia to get things done in the present. …

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Organizer Coach

Conquer Spring Cleaning: Room-by-Room

Spring brings a much-needed burst of color to trees and flowers after the long winter months. For many, it is also the time we clean our homes with a fine-tooth comb! It’s not always a …

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How Does Loss Aversion Affect Downsizing?

The ability to make decisions is executed from the frontal lobe of our brain, commonly known as the brain’s central command center or as Executive Function. This brain region allows us to plan, organize, motivate, …

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Trendy Spring Looks

Don’t shy away from bold new trends this spring! While it may feel intimidating, here are some simple ways to incorporate the season’s trendiest styles into your wardrobe. Denim for Days Hang on to your …

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Cold-Weather Fashion to Splurge On

It is that time of year again when the summer heat fades into a crisp autumn breeze. As we begin to bring our seasonal favorites out of hibernation, it may be time to add some …

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