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How to Successfully Grow Dahlias

Growing beautiful dahlias is easier than you think. Proper planting and care will result in an abundance of beautiful blooms for you to enjoy in your garden and summer bouquets. Use these strategies to boost …

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Gifts that Bloom and Brighten Your Holiday

Photos by Dotty Woodson. Plants add that extra touch to brighten any room of your house, especially for the holidays. Read on to learn about some of the most popular gift plants available this time …

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Baden and Alsace: The Wine Sisters

Let’s visit the wine regions of Baden, Germany, and Alsace, France. These two undervalued wine sisters live side-by-side, separated only by the north-flowing Rhine River. They are as close as sisters who share a secret …

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The Essential Travel Tote: Easy. Convenient. Chic.

If you read my last article, The Art of Stylish, Comfy Travel, you know it’s possible to look fabulous and feel comfortable while traveling. To the chic, comfortable looks previously outlined, we must add the …

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Heartbeats Go Pitter-Patter

Technically, It’s All About the Love! Hi-tech Valentine’s Day? Sure. But with a little bit of lo-tech tossed in, you can find several ways to make someone’s digital heart beat faster this year. A few …

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Smiling mature couple with gifts for empty nesters

Gadgets, Gear, and Gizmo Gifts for Empty Nesters

It’s that time of year again. Whether it is a party host favor or that roughly wrapped surprise gift, thoughts are drifting towards finding something for somebody sometime soon. Here are a few ideas for …

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What’s My Dog Trying to Tell Me?

“Oh, I know that look!” This is what I’ve often said to my friends when they point out my dogs’ bright-eyed stares, ears erect and tails wagging. My boys are ready for their dinner NOW!  …

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There’s a New Kid in Town: Introducing New Pets Into Your Home

Introducing new pets into your home is exciting! But if you have other pets, they may not be as excited about this newcomer to their established space! Many folks get a new fur baby around …

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Local Dog Parks for Your Fur Babies

Your one-stop directory of all the dog parks in the Dallas Fort Worth area.


Astrocast for January and February 2023

Illustrations by Jess Hock ~    As we begin the New Year, we take on the last Mercury retrograde that began Dec. 29 in Capricorn. This is your last chance to review the past year …

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Your 2022 Astrological Forecasts

Illustrations by Jess Hock |  ARIES (March 21–April 20) 2022 is the year for the warrior to embody truth and fight for a cause that matters. Dive into who you really are and don’t be …

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Organizer Coach

How Does Loss Aversion Affect Downsizing?

The ability to make decisions is executed from the frontal lobe of our brain, commonly known as the brain’s central command center or as Executive Function. This brain region allows us to plan, organize, motivate, …

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This Year, Have a Stress-Free Holiday Season

Dreading the hustle and bustle of another holiday season? Between shopping, wrapping, baking, holiday cards, parties, and everything else, surviving the season can be a feat, let alone finding the time to enjoy it with …

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Cold-Weather Fashion to Splurge On

It is that time of year again when the summer heat fades into a crisp autumn breeze. As we begin to bring our seasonal favorites out of hibernation, it may be time to add some …

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Funky Fall Fashions

This fall is all about having fun with fashion. From bright colors to maximalist styles, this season wants you to stand out in your finest. While it may feel intimidating, stepping into the hottest styles …

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