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To-Do List for Starting a Business

3 Must Do’s for Every Emerging Entrepreneur By Marcus Lansky ~ Starting a business is exciting, but it isn’t all glitz and glamour. Aspiring entrepreneurs must tackle several not-so-thrilling tasks, like structuring and financing their …

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Networking for the 50+

You may not believe it, but you have a robust network within reach: Your friends, neighbors, the mother you used to be on the PTA with — the guy you see at the grocery store. …

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Retirement Tips for Women

By: Sue Mintz |  After leaving their career, women may find retirement filled with  emotions and concerns that differ from men.  Here is a look at some financial and non-financial advice women may find useful. …

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Jerry Mueller: Creating Missouri’s Wine Nirvana

By: Jeanne Savelle |  Like many kids, Jerry Mueller adores his father. But unlike many kids, Jerry’s Second Act in life followed his father’s own Second Act. Robert Mueller shared his love of wine and …

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Medicare & Social Security

Social Security News: Updates to Website

Interview by: Heidi Frankel ~ The latest social security news involves some major website updates, so fyi50+ sat down with David Freitag to guide you through the changes. fyi50+: My husband and I were reviewing …

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Social Security Filing Ages

Interview with David Freitag ~ fyi50+: The are many questions about at what age you should file for Social Security benefits. Most workers know you can start benefits as early as age 62 or delay …

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How to Survive Caregiving

Caregiving can be one of the most beautiful and selfless acts of love a person can give to another. It can also be physically exhausting and mentally debilitating. Caring for a loved one can have …

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Watching Out for Your Loved Ones: Be Aware

By Heather McKinney ~ While the film I Care A Lot may have won Rosamund Pike, its lead actress, a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, the film’s topic is …

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Adult 50+ Rec Centers

Check out this directory of adult recreation centers in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Legal Matters

Beware of Disaster Scams!

Winter Storm Uri struck Texas in February 2021, causing apocalyptic-level problems for Texans across the state. Seniors have been hit especially hard, left in some instances for multiple days and weeks without access to water …

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Beware of COVID-19 Vaccine Scams

One light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel is the distribution of various vaccines. Beware, though — scammers and fraudsters are attempting to use this breakthrough for their own financial gain. County health services …

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