My Second Act

Have Guts, Will Travel

By James Lewis ~ She danced with death and won. Now, Linda Eicher is a successful actor. At the age of 57, Linda emerged from a grueling battle with breast cancer and decided to follow the advice she gave her grown kids: find your passion, and you’ll never have to worry about a paycheck. She

Living the Simple Life…in Sunny Costa Rica

By Alma Garcia~ Many women find joy after 50. It’s a time of new freedoms and a great time to re-invent yourself. For some, that means a new career, a new love, or becoming an empty nester. For others, it may mean winding down a job and planning for retirement. That is where my second

Plano Resident Discovers Creative Outlet in Henna Tattooing

By Cynthia Partin ~ When I sit in my tent at one of the many arts and music festivals in East Texas — adorned in my hippy skirt and tattooing a teenager’s hand with natural henna — I am often asked this question: “So, how do you like doing this for a living?” I respond

50 in 10!

by Cindy Boss Photo by Denys Nevozhai    I turn 50 years in 10 days! I honestly think I have been waiting for this day my whole life. What? I was born an old lady — an old soul. This just does not work well on a teenager or a 20-something, but, the older I

Try This Exercise to Discover a Great New Joyful Career

By Christopher J. Miller, Entrepreneur and Consultant The Fifty+ audience has one incredible gift; experience. There’s no other time in your life when you can combine experience modules from different aspects of your life into a new and eventful career. After all, by the time you have reached 50+ you’ve managed to accrue record work

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Giving Back to the Community Business Leaders Help the Next Generation of Start-Ups

By Bruce Quernemoen   Are you ready to start that business you’ve dreamed of, but don’t know where to begin? Then come to SCORE, where business leaders from the community will share their experiences and help you make your new venture a success! Originally founded in 1964, SCORE is a national, all-volunteer organization with more

Mixing Photography and Painting to Create Unique Art

By Mary Staby   30 years ago I started hand-coloring black and white photographs. At first it was just a hobby… but I bought six pieces from Deb Dupont, an artist from Texas, and finally realized I need to learn how to do this.’ I am self-taught; there is nothing computerized or digital about my

Being “Fit” in Retirement

When planning for retirement, have you planned to do anything other than being financially “fit”? Complement being financially “fit” with being “fit” emotionally, socially and physically. Here are some suggestions to help you reach that goal. 1 Plan something to look forward to As with any change, retirement can be challenging. When going through times

Elder Lawyer with a Banjo on his Knee

I’m an elder attorney. I help people age with dignity, grace and control. And at 67, I’ve just started a practice. What? When my curtain should be coming down, it’s just going up! I love my Act II, but what about Act I? I did my Act I as a musician. My band, The Shoppe,

After Several Careers, I’m Working Toward My Fifth Act

By Laurie Wallmark ~  People talk about entering the second act of their life as they age. But not me. No way — I’m not settling for only two acts. I’m in my fourth and counting. Growing up, I was a math and science nerd who loved to read. After graduating with a degree in

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