My Second Act

Living My 2nd Act

Onward and Upward to New Adventures By Rosari Birmingham~  Retirement. Oh, I do not like that word, and I never did! The first thing I did when I “retired” from 22 years as an educator in the Dallas ISD School District was tear up my DISD calling cards and replace them with new, fresh, colorful

Tennessee River View provides reflection and inspiration | Photo by Bobbie Noreen

It’s Never Too Late to Live Your Best Life

Bobbie Noreen proves how that is possible decade after decade. By Meggan Taylor, Contributing writer ~ Bobbie Noreen is an award-winning real estate broker, manager, agent, author, and real estate, educator based in Nashville, TN. Bobbie has worked in real estate since 1975. She had her own company, Legacy Properties, LLC, and worked as the

Living “La Pura Vida” in Costa Rica

By Alma O. Garcia ~ Last summer, I wrote an article for this publication describing “My Second Act” of reinventing myself, becoming a minimalist, selling/giving away everything, and moving to Costa Rica. This is the sequel to the journey. After my article was published, my mom, who had been challenged with dementia, died peacefully in

A Time to Live, A Time to Give

What Perseverance Means to Me By Yvonne Crum, Founder, Fashion Stars for a Cause ~ I often wonder where strength comes from in people’s lives. Why is it easier for some to battle life’s darkest times and most profound disappointments and harder for others? When I look back on my life, I know I could

Our Transition from a Home to a Floating Tiny House

By Betsi Hill | Photos by Jim Hill ~  It was a cold weekend in mid-December — with temperatures in the low 30s — when my husband, Jim, and I headed to Annapolis, Maryland, to look at a 47-foot sailing catamaran. We left our home in Virginia Beach before the sun came up and made

Have Guts, Will Travel

By James Lewis ~ She danced with death and won. Now, Linda Eicher is a successful actor. At the age of 57, Linda emerged from a grueling battle with breast cancer and decided to follow the advice she gave her grown kids: find your passion, and you’ll never have to worry about a paycheck. She

Living the Simple Life…in Sunny Costa Rica

By Alma Garcia~ Many women find joy after 50. It’s a time of new freedoms and a great time to re-invent yourself. For some, that means a new career, a new love, or becoming an empty nester. For others, it may mean winding down a job and planning for retirement. That is where my second

Plano Resident Discovers Creative Outlet in Henna Tattooing

By Cynthia Partin ~ When I sit in my tent at one of the many arts and music festivals in East Texas — adorned in my hippy skirt and tattooing a teenager’s hand with natural henna — I am often asked this question: “So, how do you like doing this for a living?” I respond

50 in 10!

by Cindy Boss Photo by Denys Nevozhai    I turn 50 years in 10 days! I honestly think I have been waiting for this day my whole life. What? I was born an old lady — an old soul. This just does not work well on a teenager or a 20-something, but, the older I

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