Mixing Photography and Painting to Create Unique Art

By Mary Staby   30 years ago I started hand-coloring black and white photographs. At first it was just a hobby… but I bought six pieces from Deb Dupont, an artist from Texas, and finally realized I need to learn how to do this.’ I am self-taught; there is nothing computerized or digital about my

Yes, Someday Your Prints Will Come

My wife and I went to an eighth-grade football game where our granddaughter’s band was playing spirit music and I shot photos with our digital camera, 310 to be exact. And we do not share many photos on social media. We share prints. Prints? Yes, prints. Every few months I select our best photos and

Hi Tech. Lo Tech. No Tech.

Exploring ways to learn about, live in and navigate your world. Broc Sears One of my passions is learning. Another is finding the “free” anywhere I can. Combining the two has given me resources to share with folks looking for online higher education classes. While courses are “free,” you might be required to buy texts

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