Beware of Social Media Imposters!

By: Heather McKinney Seniors are increasingly using social media to connect with friends and family, and to make new connections. A 2020 Pew Research report estimates 73% of those older than 50 and 45% of those older than 65 are using at least one social media site. Alongside seniors, however, are scammers using social media

Your New Normal Life After the Pandemic

By: Jeanne Savelle As the pandemic dies down and you re-engage with “normal” life, you may find you can’t or don’t want to go back to the lifestyle you had before. You’ve changed; life has changed. How can you move forward in a positive way, embrace new possibilities, and leave behind what no longer works?

Summer Lawn Secrets

Know More, Water Less By: Helen Dulac You can have a lush lawn and water twice a week — or less — during the heat of the Texas summer. The North Texas Municipal Water District offers these tips to conserve water and keep your lawn healthy. 1. Know when to water. Sign up with,

Spirit Is Ageless

CC Young Celebrates Ageless Creativity By Shirley Flint, CC Young Resident~ My first connection to CC Young Senior Living was through a watercolor class I attended with my close friends Rozina Vlasimsky and Jacque Wacker. Little did I know that watercoloring — and the fun we had at the weekly classes — would lead me

Beware of Disaster Scams!

By Heather McKinney~ Winter Storm Uri struck Texas in February, causing apocalyptic-level problems for Texans across the state. Seniors have been hit especially hard, left in some instances for multiple days and weeks without access to water or power. The snow and ensuing energy crisis were dangerous enough, but now fraudsters are using the disaster

DART is Asking All North Texas Young Artists to Share Their Heroes

The annual Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Student Art Contest is accepting individual entries from all North Texas students through Tuesday, March 23.  The theme of this year’s contest is “Everyday Heroes Ride DART.” Heroes come in many forms, and this year’s art contest gives young artists the chance to salute the hometown heroes that have kept our

Before You Stomp on That Spider…The Useful Arachnid

By Jorge Garcia, Naturalist, River Legacy Nature Center~  “Arachnids.” Many people have never heard this word before. Why do some people wince when they hear this word? Whatever arachnids are, why do they have such a bad rap? We hope you aren’t scared off yet! Over the years, we have learned incredible information about this

Women in the Workplace: Tips to Succeed in a Male-Dominated World

By Marcus Lansky~ According to the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), women make up nearly 47 percent of the nation’s workforce. The majority of speech-language pathologists, social workers, physical therapists, and pharmacists are women. However, women are continuously underrepresented in the workplace, and advancing to senior-level roles can still be a challenge today. Fortunately, there

Tony Reed Proves Life is a Marathon, not a Sprint

By Debra Goldie Jones~ In 2007, a Dallas accountant quietly made history as the first Black person to complete marathons on all seven continents (including Antarctica, where fur seals nipped at his heels all the way to the finish line). That accountant is Anthony Reed, MBA, MS, CPA, PMP. That’s a lot of credentials for

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