Trinity River Audubon Center – one of the best walking trains in the Dallas area

Trinity River Audubon Center

An Otherworldly Gem By Sharon Kurtz ~ Looking for inviting walking trails surrounded by trees, water and wildlife? The Trinity River Audubon Center offers everyone the opportunity to connect with nature and experience the outdoors. Located just 10 miles south of downtown Dallas, the area serves as the gateway to the Great Trinity Forest, the

COVID Risk Assessment

Be Informed: Check Out Your Risk of Doing Daily Activities Concerning COVID-19

The Texas Medical Association COVID-19 Task Force and Committee on Infectious Diseases have created a chart  ranking activities by risk-level for COVID-19. They worked from the supposition that no matter the activity, people took as many safety precautions as possible. Click on the chart below for a printable version. Share this with family and friends, post it on your social

A Funny Face Is Worth a Thousand Pieces

By Heidi Frankel ~ One look at Zelda’s happy face and heart-shaped tongue will make you want to finish this puzzle in no time! Jigsaw puzzles have stayed in style since their invention in the 1760s. But now, with those stay-at-home orders, they’re even more popular. And what better way to spend an afternoon with

Delight in Delectable Divine Chocolate on Its Special Day

By Sharon Kurtz ~ World Chocolate Day, celebrated on July 7 each year, is nothing short of a special tribute to mankind’s most famous culinary invention. (Sorry, pizza.) We don’t need to tell you what to do to celebrate this day — but we will: Eat chocolate! Chocolate is one of the world’s favorite flavors, possibly

Thanks for the Laughs Carl

Carl Reiner was a producer. He was a director. He was an actor. He was also a Grammy winner. He won nine Emmys in over seven decades and he has more than 400 credits. Reiner’s career began at the dawn of television comedy and lasted more than six decades. He was hired by Sid Caesar

How to Take the Best Care of Your Eyes

Your eyes will reward you for it. Vision is an essential sense for most individuals. However, many of us take this gift for granted by not taking good care of our eyes. As a result, we may develop eye complications, injuries, or nerve damage, which subsequently leads us to things like prescription glasses, contact lenses,

Do Not Accidentally Throw Away Your Stimulus Debit Card

People who are waiting to receive their stimulus payment are accidentally throwing away the stimulus debit cards because the plain envelope it comes in looks like junk mail. Please be aware the stimulus debit card arrives in a plain white envelope with the return address of “Money Network Cardholder Services.”  When you receive the envelope,

Frank Abagnale

Catch Me if You Can’s Real Frank Abagnale Shares Advice on How to Avoid Being Scammed

COVID-19 brings out an abundance of fraud – here are some tips to help prevent you from becoming a victim Frank Abagnale is a respected authority on forgery, embezzlement, and secure documents. For the last 40+ years, he has worked and consulted with financial institutions, businesses and government agencies – particularly the FBI – around

Mila Says: Watch “A Little Princess”

By Nancy Churnin, Mila Vincent, Shayna Vincent & Johannah Luza ~ Mila Vincent, our intrepid 5-year-old theater critic, can’t go out to theaters the way she used to because of the coronavirus epidemic. But she’s been very happy with the wonderful opportunities to view streamed theater in the safety of her home.  She stayed up

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