Beware of Financial Scams with a COVID-19 Twist

By Heather McKinney~ For seniors, COVID-19 is more than just a health threat. Financial scams aimed at seniors have come back in a significant way – all with a COVID-19 twist. Here are some common scams surfacing in pandemic times. THE SCAM: Medicare Fraud HOW IT WORKS: Scammers offering “free” medical supplies or treatments through

Frisco, A Sports City Like No Other

By Fred Mays~ Frisco, Texas, is an unlikely but big-time sports town. Frisco has expanded from a farming community of 35,000 to a 200,000-person metropolis, making it one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. The extension of the Dallas North Tollway made Frisco more accessible starting in 2007. Today, it’s easy to see why

Choosing the Purr-fect Candidate

By Allia Zobel Nolan~ For better or worse, politics are in the paw front of our daily lives. Small wonder we the people panic over choosing the right leaders, from government officials to the head of the PTA, or even a book club president.  But maybe we ought to consider a candidate that has influenced

A Fashion Show Like No Other — One Earth United

Events are being canceled and postponed worldwide to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, and the “People of the Earthlodge Virtual Indigenous Fashion Show” is no exception. Originally scheduled to honor Native American Heritage Month on November 11, 2020, organizers chose to reschedule the event due to a surge in COVID-19 cases in North

World Food Day 2020

A day to reflect and help By Sharon Kurtz~ Food is a fundamental human right. And yet, one in nine people around the world experience chronic hunger.  World Food Day 2020 celebrates food heroes — notably farmers and other food system workers — who ensure access to food, even through unprecedented disruptions created by COVID-19.

The New Normal for the 50+ Generation

By Marcel Gemme~ As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, there is an unmistakable sense that the caution and urgency of March and April have faded away. Perhaps it is too much to ask people to remain vigilant to an ever-present threat without becoming numb to it. But the issue has grown politically charged and divisive,

Voting Tips


A List of Non-Profit Organizations You Can Donate to on North Texas Giving Day

So many non-profits are suffering during the COVID pandemic. Please find it in your heart to donate to your favorite organizations on Thursday, September 17, during North Texas Giving Day. Here are some excellent organizations we support for your consideration. Click on the name and you will go directly to their donation page to learn

World Honey Bee Day

The Buzz About World Honey Bee Day

Celebrate these essential workers By Sharon Kurtz ~ We often take nature for granted. We don’t think about the pivotal role that all of life’s creatures play. However, World Honey Bee Day gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate and honor the incredible honey bee. The day recognizes both the honeybee and the beekeepers who

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