Keep Politics from Ruining Relationships

It’s Not the Content, It’s the Delivery By: Noreen Kompanik President Jimmy Carter once said, “The bond of our common humanity is stronger than the divisiveness of our fears and prejudices.” Today, more than ever, political differences and beliefs are so intense they threaten the core of our relationships. We’ve all experienced the pain of

Three Ways to Improve Your Subtle Energy

By: Marlene Caraballo Energy is everywhere, including in and around our bodies. Sometimes we can see energy (like sunshine or fire) but often we can’t. So, what exactly is your body’s “subtle energy,” and why should you care to improve it? Your body’s subtle energy isn’t visible but can acutely affect how you feel. It’s

To-Do List for Starting a Business

3 Must Do’s for Every Emerging Entrepreneur By Marcus Lansky ~ Starting a business is exciting, but it isn’t all glitz and glamour. Aspiring entrepreneurs must tackle several not-so-thrilling tasks, like structuring and financing their businesses, in addition to setting up their own accounting systems and buying insurance policies. The Entrepreneur’s Startup Checklist Unless you

How to Declutter Diagram

How Decluttering Improves Your Life

Learn to Free Up Space and Energy By Marlene Caraballo ~ Clearing out accumulated possessions and being more selective about what objects you surround yourself with in your home not only helps you appreciate what’s meaningful in your life, but also boosts your energy. Science tells us energy and matter are really the same thing.

The Journey from Grief to Peace

By Marlene Caraballo~ Experiencing grief is something we’ll all have in common sooner or later. Death is as much a part of the human experience as birth is, but the loss of a loved one is infinitely more painful. So, what to do with all that pain? It can help move past the anguish if

Cultivating Positivity in Difficult Times

By Marlene Caraballo~ There’s no shortage of reasons to feel stressed. The pandemic continues, the economy fluctuates, politics are tense, and we worry about our health and the well-being of those we love. While we spend our days wringing our hands and pacing the floors, we are quite literally fretting our lives away. Our time,

Do You Have a Will? You Should. Is It Updated? It Should Be.

By Peter Hall~ In this new normal of living with COVID, should you consider creating a will? The answer is YES. But it is still a difficult decision for many. When speaking with clients about creating a will, I hear, “I don’t have any property,” or, “I’m feeling fine, I don’t need a will.” Having

A Guide to Help You Prepare for the Cost of a Funeral

By Jake Irving | Photo by Tina Demianchuk~ Have you ever wondered what an average funeral might cost in your area? This funeral cost guide  is broken down into 477 towns and cities throughout the US and gives the average cost in each state. Providing this information gives you the most accurate state estimate possible while

Intuition and Finding the Answers to Living Well

By Marlene Caraballo~ We’re always looking for ways to feel our best and enjoy life more fully. Often, we look outward for ideas and advice. But what if the answers you’re looking for are nearer than you think? The answers you seek are not found in a Google search. They’re found in your gut, within

Be Nice. We’re All in This Together

By Marlene Caraballo~ At this point in what we will kindly describe as a challenging year, you may be starting to lose your cool — if you haven’t already. As we continue to ride the pandemic roller coaster of case numbers, infection rates, and associated social distancing restrictions, frustration can quickly get the best of

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