Philanthropy in Action

For the Love of the Greys

Greyhound Adoption League of Texas By Barbara Dornak Christian ~ When Susie and John McQuade founded the Greyhound Adoption League of Texas (GALT) in 2001, they knew they would have to find creative ways to cover expenses. “We sometimes bartered with our Dallas Stars season tickets to pay for spays and neuters,” Susie said. Looking

The Nicklas Foundation: Dedicated to Promoting Organ Donor Awareness

Providing rent-free housing for transplant patients far from home By Prudence Mathis~ In 1993, at 36 years old, Rodney DeBaun was in perfect health. Noticing his stamina dropping, he went to the doctor thinking he had the flu. Instead, he was told his heart was severely and permanently damaged. The wait-time for a transplant was

Exercising with a personal trainer at My Possibilities in Texas

My Possibilities

Vision Becomes Reality Thanks to Program in Plano, Texas By Beth Palmer~ My Possibilities started out with three mothers seeking a better future for their children. It has since developed into a state-of-the-art continuing education and job development program for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in North Texas. My Possibilities serves adults 18

Your Support Fuels Fossil Rim Conservation

By Tye Chandler~ Since opening to the public in 1984, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center has been doing great work for animal conservation. Now, visitors have the power to take its impact to new heights. As a nonprofit, Fossil Rim depends on generous donors to work for the benefit of a dozen endangered species, as well

Project Beauty

Helping Women Survivors Restore Hope and Confidence By Jo Lam~ Project Beauty is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that strives to empower survivors of domestic violence, sex trafficking, and homelessness. We provide complimentary beauty services, helping the survivor rebuild that foundation and reassure her of her worth, while also providing a therapeutic outlet. From surgical reconstruction to

Canines for Kids

Dogs are more than man’s best friend to many kids By Carolyn Bower ~ There’s a long-standing belief that dogs are a man’s best friend. But they are much more than that to many children with serious medical challenges. • Chelsea is a young lady with diabetes. With the assistance of Josette, her service dog,

Social and Emotional Support: The Missing Link in Cancer Care

Mirchelle Louis ~ In 2019, more than 31,000 of our North Texas neighbors’ lives changed instantly when they heard three dreaded words: “You have cancer.” From the moment of diagnosis, everything changes; life becomes a rollercoaster ride of treatment plans and doctor visits. But there’s a missing link in cancer care: a patient’s emotional and

A Children’s House for the Soul

Empowering Children Affected by Skin Conditions and Birthmarks to Love the Skin They Are In By Alanna F. Bree, M.D. ~ Imagine you are a child living with a skin condition or birthmark. Everywhere you go, you wear your disease. It is something you can’t hide from, something others notice immediately when they see you.

Living Well Today with Parkinson’s Disease

By Mike Miles, Executive Director, DAPS ~ Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society, DAPS, was founded in 1978 by Clarice Dougherty. Her husband, Brook, had Parkinson’s disease (PD), and there were no local resources to help him face the daily challenges of living with the disease. Her mission was to create a safe place for people with

AWARE—Preparing Families for the Road Ahead

By Carol A. Stabler ~   Cathy was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 48. How could this be? She was in the prime of life and eagerly anticipating seeing her three sons off to college, spend more time with friends, and enjoy traveling with her husband. At first, shocked by the

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