Philanthropy in Action

Living Well Today with Parkinson’s Disease

By Mike Miles, Executive Director, DAPS ~ Dallas Area Parkinsonism Society, DAPS, was founded in 1978 by Clarice Dougherty. Her husband, Brook, had Parkinson’s disease (PD), and there were no local resources to help him face the daily challenges of living with the disease. Her mission was to create a safe place for people with

Funding 4 Fido Gives a Voice to the Voiceless

By Dawn Pace ~ Hundreds of thousands of animal’s flood Texas shelters every year. Many never know what a soft bed feels like, much less have access to regular food and water. It’s a problem when shelters hold 100 dogs or more — and compounded when, every week, 100 more stray dogs arrive. This is why

Cure Childhood Cancer: The Story of Kylie

By Mark Myers When my daughter, Kylie, was ten years old she decided to audition for a local performance of the play Annie. We knew she was good, but we were a little worried about her getting her hopes up so high that a rejection would be devastating. Her oldest sister had faced those rejections

THIS SIDE UP! FAMILY From Surviving to Thriving

  “If you want to change the world, then go home and love your family!” This quote from Mother Theresa is a guiding principle behind local non-profit, This Side UP! Family (TSUF) This Side Up! Family serves over 500 families annually (since 2011) and has received numerous awards (most recently the 2018 Meritorious Service Award

Making a Difference – DALLAS DOGRRR

In most homes, not only are there our beloved human family members, but there are also our precious animal family members. They are an important part of the dynamics and glue that help define the family. But sadly, there are many animals that don’t have the love of a family. They reside in shelters, unknown

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