Best Retirement Gift Ever

Best Retirement Gift Ever

By: Sue Mintz Have you ever thought about how many hours a year you have devoted to your career? Based on a 40-hour work week, the average individual devotes 2080 hours each year to a career — at least! When working, your time was defined by daily plans, goals, projects, deadlines, meetings, travel, training, conference

Moving After Retirement

Should You Move After Retirement?

How to make the right choice for your best opportunities By Sue Mintz~ My aunt and uncle moved right after he retired and I was sad about it. I was young; I loved spending Thanksgiving at their home with my cousins and remember asking them why they were moving. “It is because with retirement comes

Four Reasons Retirement Is a Great Time to Own a Small Business

By Sara Waskow~  It’s now 2021, and retirement means many different things to many different people. As we endured our careers, we spent time and effort planning what it would look like for our families and us. In a traditional sense, we assume that what we’ve been able to save, invest, and put aside will

Man Pondering his Retirement Struggles

Struggling with Retirement: One Man’s Experience of Going from Hero to Zero

By Sue Mintz~ “After feeling like a corporate rock star, I’m feeling like a one-man band without a gig. It’s like I went from hero to zero.” – Jack M. This isn’t an unusual sentiment for men who continued to climb the corporate leadership ladder until they retired. For many men, what they have done

Looking for a Business to Start in Retirement?

Consider One that Gives Back to the Community By Sara Waskow, Owner FranNet of Dallas-Fort Worth~ As many of us approach retirement age, we can’t help but imagine what our lives will look like in the future. We may hope for more time with our families (especially grandkids), more time for hobbies (fishing!), and more

A woman contemplating her retirement

Retirement Is Not What I Thought It Would Be

By Sue Mintz~ Karen and I met during a Zoom network­­ing event. When she learned of my position as a Retirement Transition Coach, she told me she’d had high expectations for re­­tire­ment. How­ever, after closing her office door for the final time last year, she found retirement disappointing. Although she was enjoying more leisure time

Making a Feature Film in Dallas

By K. C. Bailey~ It all started with a challenge from my husband. We were watching a movie with a scene of an attack against a woman that was so disturbing I left the room. When I returned, I complained that movies never seemed to show women getting the upper hand or taking revenge. My

Couple Enjoying Retirement Walking with their Dog

Trends in Retirement Planning

By Sue Mintz~ Do you ever wonder why George Washington and his delegates who signed the constitution wore white wigs? In 1787, white hair symbolized an older, wiser, and more powerful individual. The average life expectancy was 37, and the median age was 16. How times have changed! This was a piece of information that

Retirement During Challenging Times

By Sue Mintz~ Are you experiencing the retirement glitch? Transitioning into retirement is retiring to something, not from something. After careful planning and preparation, you find fulfillment doing things you looked forward to for years. You’re taking care of yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally. You’re finding yourself a new purpose. Let’s call this Retirement 1.0,

When Changing Plans for Retirement is Unexpected

Adjusting to a new normal By Sue Mintz ~ Since the recent pandemic landed in our world, how many of these feelings can you relate to? • Shock • Denial • Frustration • Depression • Loneliness • Anxiety COVID-19 made us face a serious, unexpected socio-economic transition into a “new normal.” Such feelings are natural

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