Cheesy, Easy, Tasty Egg Muffin Sandwiches

By Jaimie Johnson~ You’ll love making these cheesy egg muffin sandwiches with your grandkids — and you’ll love eating them even more! Cheesy, Easy, Tasty Egg Muffin Sandwiches Chef’s Tip: Teaching kids how to meal prep will keep them excited about eating their meals all week long, especially when they help pick out their favorite

A New Recipe from Chef Rebecka Each Month

By Heidi Frankel | Photo by Kim Leeson Please give Rebecka Evans a warm welcome to the fyi50+ family. Each issue, she will contribute a delicious recipe for you and your family to enjoy. Chef Rebecka is an award-winning competitive home cook, food blogger, and recipe developer/photographer. She was the 2017 World Bacon Champion at

Three Dallas Food Artisans to Know and Love

By Sharon Kurtz~ The term “artisan” has become the latest buzzword for anything craft-related, with little to distinguish a superficial label from the real deal. Consumers tend to think of artisan foods as authentic, made by real people using specialized ingredients and produced locally in small batches using traditional, organic, and sustainable methods. Artisan processes

The Jelly Queens Parkland Pie

By Donna Collins, Owner and Executive Chef, The Jelly Queens~ The Jelly Queens are famous for our jelly, of course — and for one special pie. Every year, we bake hundreds of our Cranberry Pecan Caramel Pies. When COVID-19 came, and our business slowed, we decided to make our ingredients do some good, so we

Talk Turkey to Me

Tips and Secrets for the Best Thanksgiving Bird By Heidi Frankel~ Impress your family — and yourself — this Thanksgiving dinner with turkey tips and help from Renee S. Ferguson’s Talk Turkey to Me. As seen on Food Network’s Throwdown with Chef Bobby Flay, this cookbook details more than 20 methods for cooking turkey, more

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