The Artist Next Door

Coil Basketry Artist Debbie Snider Discovers New Life in Old Art Form

By: Christopher Miller How does a young mother seeking to decorate her home evolve into an artist? Just ask Dallas-based fiber artist Debbie Snider. Debbie needed to find some colorful art to decorate a sizeable stairwell in her home. As a mother of two, she wanted to find something safe that, if it fell, it

Meet Mark Clark— The Music Man

By Christopher J. Miller~ According to Meloddities Custom Musical Instruments owner Mark Clark, every one of his home-crafted instruments has a name and personality. “They’re not inanimate objects to me,” Mark said of his collection of musical instruments. “I hear them, interact with them, and they’re nicer than some people I know!” Mark’s passion for

Dallas Artist Aron Kapembeza Immortalizes the Female Form in Sculpture

By Christopher J. Miller~ Aron Kapembeza noticed at an early age how difficult life was for his mother. He remembers all she did for her children, from taking them to school to teaching them how to cook, wash clothes, haul water, and hold a job. As an artist, Kapembeza now immortalizes these memories of his

Confetti Necklace Created by Dallas Jewelry Designer Denise Fletcher

North Texas Jewelry Designer Stretches Creative Boundaries

Metal Mixology by Denise Fletcher By Christopher J. Miller~  How does one go from designing fragrances to creating jewelry? Dallas-based jewelry designer Denise Fletcher, founder of Deda Designs, says the creative process is all about mixing the right ingredients. As a fragrance lab compounder, she learned to follow her inspiration through the mixing and mingling

Rebecca Collins Finds Creative Inspiration In Nature’s Challenges

By Christopher J. Miller  |  Above photo: Self – Rebecca Collins ~ East Dallas artist Rebecca Collins was always inspired by living creatures. For many years, she earned a healthy income painting colorful pet portraits on commission. But, after watching a documentary about the threat of pollinator extinction, she broadened her focus to include the

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