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The Mystery and Pleasure of Wine

Growing up, I watched my father drink Beaujolais at the dinner table. He’d pour full glasses of a crimson brew after downing several pre-dinner cocktails, then end dinner with a shot (or two) of golden, …

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Healing in the Himalayas

Tea and Inspiration at the Top of the World. Photos by Jeni Dodd ~  Sometimes it takes a health scare to make us change our ways. These experiences often lead to unexpected, fulfilling paths. For …

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July & August Horoscopes

Your horoscope for the months of July and August 2022.  Illustrations by Jess Hock ~  ARIES (March 21–April 20) Your evolution is well underway, but you’ll have to work it out over time. If you’ve …

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Mila Says: Kids’ Theater for July & August 2022

Mila Looks Forward to a Season of Wonder and Heart An ordinary girl in extraordinary times, a big-hearted elephant, and a plucky orphan are among the characters Mila Vincent, our seven-year-old theater critic and author …

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New Friends New Life

Clearing a path for trafficking survivors.  New Friends New Life (NFNL) emerged in 1997 when an exotic dancer walked into a local Dallas church seeking a way out of her lifestyle. The church’s women’s group …

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CC Young: Thriving into the Future

Photos by Kim Leeson. In 1922, the population of Dallas, TX, was around 160,000 — making it the 42nd largest city in the United States. The Magnolia Building opened that year; at 29 stories, it …

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