Wellness and Wisdom

Celebrating ‘Seniorship’ … with Dance

By Kristin Dupont ~ There are lots of milestones by which we can mark our lives. Turning 60 is a big one — and not just for individuals! The Senior

Spirit Is Ageless

CC Young Celebrates Ageless Creativity By Shirley Flint, CC Young Resident~ My first connection to CC Young Senior Living was through a watercolor class I attended with my close friends

A Woman in Bed Setting Intentions for the Day

Setting Your Intentions for the Day

3 Ways to Create a More Intentional Day Before You Get Out of Bed By Tiffany Lord ~ Do you ever feel like your day is half over by the

Get a Move On!

Easy Ways to Make Exercise Part of Your Life By Leslie Barker ~  Want the secret to better health, sleep, and sex? Less stress? Reduced chances of heart disease, cancer,

Caregiver Doing Meditation

Caregiver Meditation

Respite for When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed By Sue Jean Sasseen~ When a loved one develops dementia, our relationship with them might suffer a significant disconnect. Habits and lifestyles may have

Positive Psychology and Aging

Say YES to Change Your Life By L.J.Rohan, MA, GCG, CAPS~ You know the expression, “mind over matter.” Did you also know it’s possible to slow down the aging process

50+ Woman with Youthful Skin

How to Keep Younger-Looking Skin

With the Help of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid By Lynn Jenkins~ Our skin is made up of three layers consisting of sweat glands, hair follicles, fat, proteins, and connective tissue.

New Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Living

By Jennifer “Neily” Neily, MS, RDN, FAND~ Although this may not be the most fascinating thing you read today, it’s essential for good health. It’s well-known that dietary intake affects

Interesting Facts About Migraines

Interesting Facts About Migraines

By Dr. Cris Wolgehagen, Founder IHaC for Brain Hacks~ Some advice on “migraine brain”. Migraines affect one in four households, but many think of them as a “regular headache” or

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