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How to Sneak Exercise Into Your Day

By: Leslie Barker | Photo by: Juan Garcia | Model — Bridget Bartlett If you happened to see me in line at the post office recently, I probably looked like I was just standing there, six feet from fellow customers, idly looking at piles of Priority Mail envelopes for sale while adjusting my mask. Well,

The Changing Doctor-Patient Relationship

By: Marvin J. Stone | MD, MACP, FRCP The doctor-patient relationship has changed over the past 75 years. Collegial attitudes have largely replaced paternalistic ones. The moral standard of patient autonomy has emerged as a guiding principle of medical ethics. And, although scientific knowledge is vastly different than it was 100, 50, or even 10

Build a Foundation to Age Independently

By: Carol Marak Busy people often don’t think critically about the future. Jobs, raising kids, caring for loved ones, practicing faith, staying fit, and learning new skills all consume time and energy. It’s no surprise few have the energy to negotiate the affairs of later life — the affairs that impact the decades ahead. Regrettably,

Bocce Ball—A Funny Name for a Fun Game

By: David Spradling “Today we’re going to play the third most popular game in the world,” I told my grandsons, aged 10 and 11. Their eyes lit up. Was it basketball or soccer? It’s bocce ball. Bocce (pronounced “boch-ee”) is not a new sport. Dating back to about 9000 BCE, the game was enjoyed throughout

Yoga for Shoulder Mobility

Relax Your Pecs to Make Everyday Tasks Easier By: Tiffany Lord | Yoga poses demonstrated by Tiffany Lord Have you ever carried heavy grocery bags and felt it shouldn’t be that hard to lift them onto the counter? Are you feeling the soreness from pulling weeds in the yard or moving around the planters? If

Essential Beauty Tips to Keep Your Glow Fresh in the Summer Heat

By: Lynn Jenkins Nothing screams “I’m hot” louder than smeared eye makeup and smudged lipstick. The summer heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your glow, but you can make a few easy changes to your makeup routine to keep your skin — and glow — fresh from day to night. Start with a Vitamin

Unique Outdoor Hobbies for the Mind and Body

By: Carolyn Bower As Covid-related restrictions are lifted, getting outside in the fresh air is a welcome opportunity. Outdoor activities offer a wide range of physical and mental benefits. Here are several to explore! Some may be familiar, while others may offer a new challenge. Nordic Walking Originating in Finland as a training exercise for

Living Well with Alzheimer’s

Advancements in Treatment By: Scott Finley | Reviewed by: Dr. Mary Quiceno An estimated 6.2 million Americans age 65 and older are living with Alzheimer’s dementia. Research tells us the actual disease process may begin up to 20 years prior to the development of symptoms. All individuals with dementia pass through a precursor stage called

Always in Bloom

Life Lessons from Non-Child Prodigies By: Edward Brown The trappings of outward success are often tied to one’s age. Launch a successful tech company at 56 and you’re a laudable innovator. Accomplish that feat while a sophomore in college, like Mark Zuckerberg, and you’re a celebrity. Western culture’s fascination — some would say preoccupation —

Caring for Your Mental Health

By Bonnie Cook ~ When you have a mental illness, you may not realize how important your overall health is to your recovery. While poor overall health can make recovery harder, positive health can aid your recovery and help you feel better. Here are some things you can do. Advocate for yourself. You deserve good

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