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Our Senior’s Guide to Navigating Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment

By Anuradha Mundluru, MD ~ It’s that time of year again! Medicare Annual Enrollment is open until December 7. That means it’s time to evaluate the benefits you’ve been receiving and make sure your coverage is working hard for your health needs. With so many plans and constant policy changes, finding the perfect plan can

50 Plus Man and Woman Exercising

Starting to Exercise at 50 Plus

By Jill Beam~ At my first Jazzercise class in 1979, I walked into a big gym at a local recreation center. There stood several women wearing all kinds of fitness outfits, varying in age. I wore a black leotard and black tights, and noticed that most women in black leotards and tights were in the

Signs You Need a Hearing Aid

By Jill Copley, Au.D., CCC-A~ Whether it’s chatting with friends and loved ones, playing with a pet, speaking to a physician, or working with a CPA or banker, clear communication is vitally important to our lives. For most of us, hearing is our means to understand common types of interactions. Fortunately, when hearing becomes a

Yoga Poses to Help You Feel Grounded in Uneasy Times

By Janet Hennard, E-RYT500/C-IAYT~ The year 2020 continues to challenge us — and not just in the physical ways we live, work, or learn. You may also experience issues in relationships, uneasiness about the future, or feelings of being out-of-sorts and off-center. Meditation, prayer, and sharing with a trusted friend or counselor are excellent ways

Winterproof Your Health

By Mridula Nadamuni MD~ Winter is a good time to hunker down for some cozy time with family and friends, but it also presents health challenges in the form of viral respiratory illnesses and seasonal mood changes. On top of that, COVID-19 has added a layer of uncertainty to the annual flu season. Here are

Woman Over 50 Caring for Her Skin

Simple Ways to Get Glowing Skin After 50

By Lynn Jenkins~  I am a firm believer that radiant skin makes for a youthful appearance at any age: When you look in the mirror and love what you see, your confidence soars! But with today’s busy lifestyles, committing to a twice-daily skincare regimen can seem like yet another task on your to-do list. Fortunately,

Grandparents Play an Irreplaceable Role in Our Lives and Our Hearts

Grandparents hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever By Sharon Kurtz~ Grandparents Day falls on Sunday, September 13, and celebrates the connections between the generations. The role grandparents play in the lives of young children is essential. Even as adults, we remember the feeling of curling up in a

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