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On The Road Again

By Barbara Glass~ I was born into a family of drivers. My mother drove farm implements from the time she was 13 years old, and my father can’t remember a time when he wasn’t behind the wheel. Mom had a “lead foot”; Dad’s was lighter, but not by much. My childhood included road trips galore:

Things Learned About Life in the Garden

By Barbara Glass Until reaching adulthood, I thought red geraniums were the only flower ever planted. That’s all my mother ever bought and all I knew. Imagine my surprise when I visited the plant nursery for the first time! Geraniums come in pinks and white, and there are so many other choices! ■ The first

Seeing is Believing!!

By Barbara Glass Age sneaks up on us. Physical changes are gradual until one day – presto! – we pass a mirror and wonder who that person is staring back at us. The image is a little fuzzy in low light. Could it be that my eyes are changing? Eye muscles weaken over time. Reading

Toss Out the Old, Let In the New Possibilities

New Year’s resolutions bring reflection on the past year and plans for the coming year. On the list somewhere is a goal of staying healthy, often phrased as maintaining “wellness”. For me, “wellness” goes beyond exercise, diet and adding spiritual components like meditation or Bible study to my schedule: it’s clearing the clutter! Make way


Next year will mark 20 years since I moved to Texas. Because this is the longest I’ve lived anywhere, I can truly say, “I got here as fast as I could”. Born in a very small Yankee state, you can forgive my surprise when discovering how very big Texas is. From Connecticut, you can touch

Tuesday’s Child is Full of Grace

It is a joyous occasion to welcome a new baby into the world.  This tiny creation cannot be loved any more than at this moment.  Ten fingers, ten toes, tiny movements, all magically created by two people coming together.  Her name is Grace and she was just born on Tuesday – her first Tuesday outside

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