Celebrating ‘Seniorship’ … with Dance

By Kristin Dupont ~
There are lots of milestones by which we can mark our lives. Turning 60 is a big one — and not just for individuals!
The Senior Source, Dallas’s No. 1 resource for empowering and equipping older adults, is attempting a celebration for its 60th birthday never seen before: A virtual dance competition for residents 60 and older!
We present to you The Diamond Dance-Off!
At its heart, The Diamond Dance-Off reflects what The Senior Source has done exceptionally well for the past six decades: Championing older adults by breaking stereotypes, defying ageism, and shining a spotlight on them. With a mission to “Make Older Better,” The Senior Source provides a range of services to help seniors navigate aging, from offering financial advice and supporting emotional well-being to finding an increased sense of purpose and connection.
Stacey Malcolmson, president and CEO of The Senior Source, said The Diamond Dance-Off will spark smiles, inspire respect, and allow seniors to showcase their shine.
“The past year of Covid hardships taught us that seniors are resilient, strong, valuable — a treasured and integral part of our communities,” Malcolmson said. “As vaccines become widely available and normality returns, that’s great news for us as a city, but that doesn’t mean we can suddenly forget about our seniors. Now is the time to encourage them to shine on!”
Entries for the competition have closed, but the voting is just getting started. Anyone anywhere can vote for their favorite senior dancer beginning in May at https://theseniorsource.org/diamond-dance-off/.
The bracket-style competition is in four categories: Solo, duo, group, and generational dances. Voting on your favorite dancer from each category helps them move closer to the crown title.
You can also grab tickets to the live finale in June, when the top-voted dancers from each category will compete in front of a panel of Dallas celebrity judges. Keep an eye out for voting and ticket details at www.theseniorsource.org.
“We’ve always known Dallas seniors shine the brightest of all the seniors in Texas,” Malcolmson said. “This is how we show it!”

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