Change is Good

Some people never get enough of it

One of the perks of weekends with my grandparents — besides homemade cookies and milkshakes — was a fistful of change from my grandfather’s pockets.
Returning home, I dumped my treasure in an aging cigar box.
My father faithfully dropped pocket change into two containers in his dresser. When filled, he gifted them to my sons as bonus Christmas presents. Those coins ended up in various piggy banks and containers.
Despite the current coin shortage running alongside the pandemic, my wife and I have six grandchildren and continue this ever-“changing” tradition.
Options for grandkids to stash their loot, these days, run the gamut from function to fantasy and can cost more than $100 depending on style and features.
It appears not even the humble piggy bank could escape the digital age. Amazon offers more than 10 different containers with digital coin-counting lids. Yes, coin-counting lids. The value of every coin dropped is added to the total on the LED display. An interface inside the lid lets you subtract withdrawals.
Or how about introducing your grandkids to the joys of the ATM machine? Features include digital displays, password protection, deposit/withdrawal mechanics, goal-setting deadlines, and alarm systems.
There are myriad digital safes for kids. Most have coin slots, a bill feeder, and password options. Some have sounds, lights, alarms, and music. Some feature animals, graphics, or camo patterns.
More unique and less digital: moneyboxes have designated save, spend, and share sections (Amazon, $6.99 – $18.99).
Forest-dé features delightful, hand-crafted wooden piggy banks ($54.99 – $64.99). wooden alphabet banks have all 26 letters available ($31).

LEGO pig coin bank

A LEGO pig coin bank (, $32.99).
If you are more particular, do an online search for just about anything your grandchild is interested in and add “piggy bank.” I searched “Star Wars,” “Frozen,” and “dinosaur.” I received plenty of options.
Right now, I need to get ready for a trip to the ice cream parlor. Funny how I never seem to have correct change for that double-dip cone.

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