Cold-Weather Fashion to Splurge On

By Caroline Albert
December 5, 2022

It is that time of year again when the summer heat fades into a crisp autumn breeze. As we begin to bring our seasonal favorites out of hibernation, it may be time to add some new pieces to our wardrobe.

This season, get ready to embody the maximalist style — a fierce juxtaposition from the clean, minimalist aesthetic from the summer.

Check out our selections below!

Fun to wear clunky boot
Clunky Boots

These boots were made for stomping. Give your black booties a break this fall and opt for some show-stopping shoes. Bigger is better this season, and your boots are no exception. From extravagantly high platforms to an excessive use of hardware and laces, let your boots be the center of attention.

Chunky bo-ho knit shawl
Nothing but Knits

Nothing says fall is here like a big knit cardigan, sweater, or shawl draped over your shoulders. Lean into the autumn air with an oversized knit. Made for fashion and function, play with different styles and colors to add some texture to even the most basic looks. Funky fringes add a more boho feel. Pair with bell sleeves for a trendy take on a fall fashion favorite.

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Perfectly oversized tortoise sunglasses
All Eyes on You

Oversized sunglasses are the perfect accessory — even as the weather gets cooler. Large shades are here to make their mark. Go for a classic blackout shade (Chanel’s signature style comes to mind) or change it up for a groovier look, channeling the 70s classic style.

Amber lenses encased in a tortoise shell frame is the hottest accessory of the season and will become a staple even as winter creeps in.                                                                              

Wrap front dress |
Camel Crazy

In unsurprising news, neutrals are taking their rightful place as the color of the season, specifically camel.

Luckily, this chic color is not only easy to wear, but also functional as a transitional piece in your wardrobe.

Find some fun in the consistently classic color by splurging on a piece that can be dressed-up or dressed-down. It will become your go-to outfit for every occasion coming up this season.

Leather pants and jacket
Living for Leather

Leather jackets are back for another year. But if you’re feeling crazy, lean into the punk aesthetic and add a pair of leather trousers to your wardrobe.

They are the perfect pant to dress up for a dinner with heels and a blouse, or down with a classic scoop neck t-shirt and black sneakers.

It’s the most versatile, but chic look for the season — especially when paired with a smoky eye.

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