Control Clutter Before it Controls You

I love springtime, green grass, and watching flowers bloom. Everything looks new and fresh. I begin to feel like a new me is emerging. Uncluttered…What about you? Do you like to have open, uncluttered spaces to live, work and retreat to? NOW is the time to Control Clutter Before it Controls You!

What is the Organizing Process?

  • Start with a plan and a timeline (example: 15 minutes Tues and Thursday 6:00-6:15)
  • Be specific and focus on one area at a time (example: kitchen junk drawer)
  • Gather four black plastic garbage bags and mark: Donate, Keep, Other and Trash
  • Keep like items together (example: pens w/pens, paper w/paper)


Turn on the party music and let the fun begin!

  • Place items that you want to keep but don’t belong in the area you’re organizing– “Other” bag
  • Place items that you don’t use anymore, have duplicates of, don’t make you look and/or feel good and are in good condition -“Donate” bag
  • Place items that you no longer use, need, and/or are broken – “Trash” bag
  • Place items that you want to keep and belong in the area you’re organizing – “Keep” bag


Play devil’s advocate and continue asking yourself…”By keeping this____, is it helping me meet my goal?) When the timer rings – STOP! REPEAT… the same process, same day, same time until you have completed organizing your area. (Remember to schedule your Organizing session in your calendar and set a reminder alarm)

Begin with the end result in mind and visualize how you want your room to look, feel and smell. What colors create a calm sense of inner peace for you?

Project an “Attitude to Actionevery day and repeat aloud in front of your mirror “I CAN DO THIS”….Taking daily baby steps to reach your goal allows you to see immediate results and maintain order…NOW is the time to “Control Clutter Before it Controls You!”

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