Criss Cross Applesauce

By Jaimie Johnson, Pampered Chef
November 28, 2022

With just four ingredients, 30 minutes, and a pressure cooker, you can make your own applesauce from scratch — and your family will love it!


Prep Time: 10 minutes | Cook Time: 45 minutes | Serves: 12

Cook’s tip:  For a fun snack any time, set out the add-ins and dippers in bowls and let the kids go crazy — I even add gummy bears to mine! Or, scoop into a decorative jar and add a bow for a perfect gift from the heart for teachers, family, and friends. For more fun recipes, check out my blog at:



• 10 apples (mix of sweet and tart varieties), peeled, cored, and sliced (don’t want to peel them? Use an immersion blender in step 5.)

• ¼ cup water, apple juice, or apple cider

• Optional: ¼ cup sugar

• Optional: 1 tsp cinnamon

Add-ins and Dippers: pretzels, berries, granola, graham crackers (serve with cooked applesauce)



1. Place all the ingredients except your add-ins and dippers into the inner pot of your electric pressure cooker.

2. Close the lid and set to “High Pressure” for four minutes.

3. When the timer is up, press “Cancel” and let the steam release naturally for another five minutes.

4. Press “Steam Release.”

5. Carefully remove the inner pot and mash the apples to your desired consistency with a potato masher. For super smooth applesauce, use an immersion blender instead of the masher.


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