Funding 4 Fido Gives a Voice to the Voiceless

Pilot, 4-year-old Bully mix


Hundreds of thousands of animal’s flood Texas shelters every year. Many never know what a soft bed feels like, much less have access to regular food and water. It’s a problem when shelters hold 100 dogs or more — and compounded when, every week, 100 more stray dogs arrive.

This is why Meg Sherman started Funding 4 Fido.

Funding 4 Fido is a voice for the voiceless. We provide education for the public about spay/neuter services, veterinary care, and preventative care. We encourage potential owners to adopt from shelters, advocate for shelter animals on the euthanasia list, and try to help people wanting to adopt their forever friend. Additionally, we provide funds for heartworm treatment, medical procedures for foster dogs in need, and our newest project, S.P.O.T.!

Hancock, 3-year-old Pitbull

S.P.O.T. is Saving Pets on Transport. The goal is to transport dogs from overwhelmed areas such as Texas, where euthanasia is high, to areas where adoptions are more likely to occur. We’ve partnered with rescue organizations in Minnesota, where safe haven and adoption programs help give dogs a second chance at a loving home.

When I started rescuing dogs off the streets, the number of unwanted pets at my local shelters overwhelmed me.

My first experience rescuing from a shelter came from Newman, a Newfoundland mix who was left at the Garland Animal Shelter. He had suffered through a horrible neuter surgery that nearly ended his life.

His necrotic wounds left him in terrible pain. He was a shell of an animal, and I just couldn’t leave him there.

After nursing Newman to health, I knew I had to do more. All of those unwanted animals saddened me, and I knew there was more to life for them than eventual euthanasia.

Newman, 3-year-old Newfoundland mix

I joined Funding 4 Fido to help animals like Newman. Merisa Trevino and Crystal Carretero also joined for their love of animals. They are a dynamic duo in our “Fido Village.” Both women assess dogs for placement, foster dogs, and even advertise the work we do.

We are a small but mighty voice, working tirelessly to make Funding 4 Fido a reality in our quest to help as many animals as we can.

We rely on volunteers and community members to be ambassadors for this cause. We want people to share the knowledge about the importance of spaying and neutering, and how it helps to keep animals out of shelters.
If you would like to get involved, donate, or learn more about our cause, please visit our website at You can also visit us on Facebook.

Thank you for helping us raise more voices for the voiceless.

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