Grow Frilly, Bold, and Unique Amaryllis in Your Garden This Winter

When the squirrels start storing nuts for winter, it’s time for gardeners to prepare amaryllis bulbs for the dreary months ahead. Ordering bulbs now ensures you have lots of choices for an assortment of different flower styles, colors, and bloom times.
Amaryllis bloom with stunning petals and beautiful colors that sure to brighten any day. Here are several varieties for you to consider.

Double King
Double King

Double King lives up to its name with three or more layers of brilliant red, velvety petals. Each bulb produces multiple flower stems, so you’ll enjoy weeks of blossoms.

Sweet Nymph Amaryllis | Photo by Longfield Gardens

Sweet Nymph is another double-petal variety, and its softer coloring is equally beautiful. The flowers feature layers of creamy white petals with coral pink stripes and are sure to add a bit of romantic charm to your winter.

Double Dream

Double Dream Amaryllis shows off its layers of ruffled, rose-pink petals on giant, seven-inch double blooms. Soft white accents adorn the petal tips, and each stem boasts four to six fragrant blossoms. This joyful flower will brighten your windowsill during the winter months. 

Dancing Queen

Add some energy to your indoor décor with Amaryllis Dancing Queen ( The bold eight-inch blooms reveal layers of ruffled snow-white petals with delicate scarlet-red stripes.


Aphrodite Amaryllis, named for the Greek goddess of love, boasts gorgeous ruffled white petals with an apple-green center. Each petal is edged in red and decorated with delicate brushstrokes. You’ll get a least two stems with three to four big eight-inch blossoms.

Exotic Star

The flowers of Exotic Star have an unusual shape and color that have earned it lots of fans. The asymmetrical petals are parchment-white with narrow, garnet-red stripes and apple-green highlights.


Bring in some fresh spring green color with Amaryllis Evergreen. Pale chartreuse petals give it a contemporary look. Each bulb produces two stems with four to six flowers, each. Enjoy them as a living bouquet or as cut stems to display in a vase.

Ice Queen

Grow Ice Queen when looking to add elegance to your winter décor. Its enormous, frosty white flowers have lime-green accents, combining nicely with evergreen boughs and holiday decorations. Plant the bulbs by early November to get flowers for the holidays.


Charisma is another variety that blooms in early winter. The two-tone petals have a unique ombre effect. Enjoy the changing colors this variety exhibits as it transforms from bud to fully open flower.


Amaryllis are long-lasting cut flowers in all varieties, and Picotee is no exception. A thin red outline adorns each of its pure white petals, and a lime-green center adds freshness when displayed in a pot or a vase.

Rosy Star

Rosy Star is another eye-catching amaryllis. Its snowy white blossoms are decorated with brush stroke highlights in three pink shades. The apple-green throat adds to this variety’s elegance and appeal.


As more people discover the joy of growing amaryllis, flower breeders are busy introducing new cultivars. Gervase is an excellent example of one of these exciting new options. Each blossom is a little different, with ruby-red petals adorned with variable stripes and veining. You will have plenty of blooms to enjoy as large bulbs can produce twelve or more spectacular blossoms.
Grow your amaryllis where you can watch the daily transformation, from the first bud breaking through the soil until the flowers begin to unfurl.
Growing amaryllis indoors will keep you gardening all year, no matter where you live. You’ll enjoy the mood-boosting benefits and stress relief, and the colorful blossoms are sure to brighten your winter days.
Amaryllis bulbs are available at local and online nurseries such as Longfield Gardens.

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