Happy Campers

Summer Vacation Amidst the Pandemic 

People overwhelmingly want to stay away from crowds and remain close to home.
So, close-to-home road trips may be the best first choice for people planning their COVID 19-safe vacations, thanks to low fuel prices and cabin fever.
Camping provides more opportunities for social distancing than a vacation to a resort or a major city. It’s grown enticing, even for those who wouldn’t typically take a camping vacation. The trend may continue as Americans look to social-distancing options allowing them to travel, sleep, and eat, while minimizing contact with others.
RV rentals and sales are way up, from pop-up campers to pet-friendly five-wheel RVs with all the bells and whistles.
Because, with an RV, there’s no need to share a hotel elevator or airplane bathroom.

Be Prepared with Plentiful PPE

Pack with the pandemic in mind.
Load your RV or vehicle with plenty of hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and hand soap, as there’s no guarantee they’ll be in stock on the road or at your destination. Keep extra facemasks stored in several places, so you are never without one at hand’s reach when required.
Bring an abundance of food and drinks from home to keep food stops to a minimum. Grab edibles and goodies at drive-throughs and curbside restaurant service. Get it to-go instead of sitting at a restaurant when hunger strikes.  

Campground Etiquette Has Changed

People are still outgoing and friendly at parks. But many are now staying to themselves, socially distancing even in campgrounds.
Try to avoid public bathrooms and laundry facilities. Until social distancing recommendations relax, do everything possible to avoid crowded situations. 

State Parks close to home are great destinations for a getaway

Eisenhower State Park in Denison, TX, has some of the best camping facilities in the state. From the spectacular views of Lake Texoma to hiking, fishing, or just enjoying outdoor activities, this park is second to none. Visit the website for updated park procedures.
Many State Parks take camping reservations for stays from June to September. Some Texas State Parks, public recreation facilities, and water access points have temporary restrictions and limited services.
Visit the Texas State Parks website for any current restrictions and/or closures.
You can also learn how the Parks work to keep you safe and healthy with other temporary guidelines.
You must reserve day passes and limited camping overnight stays in advance, either online at the Customer Service Center or by calling 512-389-8900.
It’s more important than ever to have a plan before venturing out for a vacation. Make sure you know the rules and restrictions of the areas you plan to travel and confirm your reservations.
To minimize your risk, maintain that six feet of distance, wear a face mask, wash your hands, and remain vigilant and mindful of your surroundings.
Happy trails to you!

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