Holiday Clothes for the 50+ Woman

Allow the holiday season to fill your home — and your closet — with joy. Update your wardrobe with pieces that put a twist
on the current fashion trends!

Here are five wardrobe staples you need to conquer the holiday season.

Shine In Sheer

Layer a plain camisole under a sheer shirt for an elevated, fun spin on a sexy style. You can choose a tighter-fitting sheer turtleneck to show off your curves, pairing it with straight-leg jeans and a fun jacket for a night out. Or, opt for a flowy sheer top for an alternative look, pairing with a tighter pair of jeans. Swapping out a plain top for something sheer will give a trendier twist on that classic jeans and t-shirt look.

Take Back the Turtlenecks

Wardrobe staples do not have to feel plain or stuffy. Pair jeans with a short-sleeve turtleneck in a fun color to stand out in a crowd of black. Emerald green, navy blue, and cranberry are trendy for the holiday season. They also add color to your wardrobe. Or, wear a sleeveless turtleneck in a basic color with a fun pair of trousers or your favorite jeans.

Bold Bottoms Up

Have fun with your bottoms! Pair a neutral top with trousers in a fun color. Red pants always make a statement, but turn to burnt orange or a royal blue for a more subtle approach. Pops of color give classy looks a trendy makeover, and will earn you compliments at any holiday party.

Wrap It Up

A wrap dress can flatter multiple body types, accentuating your waist and bust. The wrap function in a short or long style allows for versatility, as you can deepen the v-neckline for a sexier look by loosening the tie around the waist. For the holidays, and all the photographs that come with it, choose a solid color like emerald-green, terracotta, or classic black.

Going for Gold

Say goodbye to chunky necklaces; say hello to dainty chains. Layer your necklaces to make a statement with your jewelry: Two or three dainty necklace layers at different lengths add sparkle to your outfit. You can stay simple with plain box chains or show off your style with charms. Nameplate necklaces are in fashion right now, and simple initial charms on a chain are easy ways to personalize your look. When doing this, keep your earrings simple with a plain gold hoop or stud.

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