How to Use Your Intuition to Your Advantage

Turn Challenges into Opportunities

In early 2009, Erika Hovland-Bahij was at the height of a very successful career. She had a great job, plenty of money, and many responsibilities. But somewhere along the path she lost her sense of purpose.
She couldn’t figure out what it was or where it went.
Many people find themselves in a similar position. A large part of that missing sense of self is, in fact, the lost art of connecting with parts of yourself that are deeply feminine: the nurturing, empathetic, vulnerable, creative, and intuitive parts.
That same year, Erika was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Soon, she had time and space to just be — to unfold her inner thoughts and get in touch with her feminine wisdom.
This ability to tap into one’s intuition is a lost art form in the busy-ness of the contemporary world. Erika was grateful to have had the time to quiet her mind and really get in touch with what her soul was telling her.
After treatment, Erika returned to work, only to find she still felt a lack of purpose. She had been working and living on autopilot, completely disengaged from where her real power was coming from. But she knew her feminine essence desperately needed to flourish and be in balance.
She left her job to restore her spirit, balance her energies, and nourish the wisdom within her. She attended trainings, researched the latest findings, and used her gifts to create Rose & Redwood. Now, she shares her feminine powers of compassion, nurturing, empathy, creativity, and intuition to help others.
She encourages you to take small steps each day to tap into your inner essence, helping you tune into your feminine side. Enjoy this time to really relax, moving deeper into a truly balanced nature.
Visit Rose and Redwood to learn more about her program The Path to Joy, a heart-guided online program offering restful activities, meditations, and teaching videos designed to help you discover what is truly important: living authentic, joyful lives, and reconnecting with a sense of purpose.

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