Lifelong Learners Rejoice!

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January 20, 2023

The Dallas College Robust Emeritus Program is for You!

Written by: The Dallas College Emeritus Team. 

Do you want to learn the ins and outs of your smartphone or computer? Or try a new exercise such as Tai Chi?

If you answered yes, Dallas College is the place for you!

Dallas College offers one of the Texas’s most extensive emeritus programs. A wide range of courses are designed specifically for our lifelong learning community members 55 years and older.

Learning how to navigate the ever-changing world of cellphone technology, from reading emails to accessing the internet and downloading various apps, is just one of the many classes offered by the college. Other customized classes focus on genealogy, arts, technology, fitness, and more.

Tai Chi classes are good for your mind and body

Classes are stimulating and challenging yet paced for your enjoyment. For instance, taking Tai Chi, you’ll learn a Chinese mixed martial art focused on slow, full-body movements that improve balance, posture, and muscular strength.

You’ll receive quality instruction and volunteer opportunities in all classes. And you’ll make new friends with similar interests.

Dallas County residents aged 65 and older could also qualify for a tuition exemption for up to six college credits per semester!

Enrolling in a class or getting started is easier than you think. Contact us via email at or by calling 972-238-6972.

Dallas College has seven campuses conveniently located throughout the county. A complete listing of our Emeritus course offerings is available on our website at

Credit Program Classes

Dallas College is also proud to offer a full slate of credit classes designed exclusively for Emeritus students where typically no students outside of the Emeritus population are enrolled. Emeritus students can also enroll in credit classes that are offered to degree-seeking students of all ages. Requirements for success in these classes are those of a standard college class: homework and participation. And yes, grades are given out.

Continuing Education Classes

The continuing education classes are available at a low cost to students for continued learning and informational purposes. There is no homework, no grades given, and there is a shorter time in class.

So put your learning cap on and become a student again in one of the exciting Dallas College Emeritus Program classes.

**Please note: The tuition exemption does not apply to continuing education classes.

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