Living Brain Healthy

Improve Overall Health and Memory

My practice is dedicated to promoting the health of my patients through education on how to improve their brain health with nutrient rich food choices, exercise and well-being.

Food Choices and Exercise

I advocate maintaining an ideal body weight with a simple plan, choose fresh ingredients; avoid simple sugars; consume whole grains (nothing processed), and avoid fast foods. Beginning any new program can be challenging but it is worth it when you feel the results.

Regular exercise throughout all stages of life is healthy. The brain benefits are immediate. Begin by adding thirty minutes of exercise three times a week.  Be sure to consult with your doctor about how to safely increase your exercise.

Healthy Diet, Healthy You

Yes, it takes more effort to eat healthy. But a poor diet, eaten over many years, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease. Research shows that a healthy diet can diminish these risks and enhance longevity.  All of the healthy-eating advice I make are based on vitamins and minerals that support our minds and bodies in countless ways.

A Brain Healthy Diet Should Include:

  • Dark leafy greens—every day
  • Cold water fish for protein and Omega 3 source—two or more times a week
  • Nuts—walnuts and almonds
  • Legumes—three times a week
  • Vitamin E and C rich foods—kale, pumpkin seeds, papaya
  • Healthy fats—olive oil, two tablespoons a day, no butter
  • Turmeric—as often as possible
  • Plenty of water


B Vitamins for Added Brain Health

Think of B vitamins as brain food!  Our bodies use B vitamins to keep the nerves and the brain healthy. When B levels start to decline around age 55, mental performance may suffer.

  • For a good source of Vitamin B12 eat turkey, chicken, and salmon
  • To boost your B levels, choose potatoes, bananas, prunes, greens, and kidney beans.
  • Look for Vitamin E in your food sources, wheat germ, olive oil, nuts and seeds.


With the growing knowledge around food choices, we can make good decisions and balance our scales to live the longest, healthiest lives possible.
Dr. Diana Kerwin is board-certified in internal Medicine and Geriatrics. 214.345.4449

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