Mila BooksIt: Picks for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

By: Nancy Churnin, Mila Vincent and Johannah Luza~

As a big fan of her parents, Shayna and Devon Vincent, Mila Vincent, our six-year-old book critic, was excited to review these Llama Llama books based on Anna Dewdney’s best-selling children’s book series for Mother’s and Father’s Day with her grandmother, Johannah Luza. They think your kids will ‘llove’ them, too!

Llama Llama Mother’s Day Present

Written and illustrated by:Anna Dewdney

Published by: Penguin Young Readers

Mila: Llama Llama wants to build his mom a fort for Mother’s Day and take her to the playground and go on the slip-and-slide. His gramma says those are Llama Llama’s favorite things, not his mama’s. When he’s at school, the teacher tells the class that together, they will all make a quilt, and each student will put a square on the quilt for their mothers. When Mother’s Day comes, their teacher shows the moms the class quilt, and each mom sees she has a unique square on the quilt. That made Llama Llama’s mom very happy! It made me happy, too!

Llama Llama Father’s Day Present

Written and illustrated by: Anna Dewdney

Published by: Penguin Young Readers

Mila:I liked this book so much because Nelly Gnu gave her dad a skateboard for Father’s Day so they could ride together, and that’s what my dad and I do. I don’t have a skateboard yet, but he lets me ride on his with him. Nelly Gnu also wanted to wash her dad’s truck for him. My dad has a jeep, and I LOVE washing it! He gets the soap for me, and I scrub. This book has good ideas for Father’s Day, and I like them all.

Johannah: These are two cute books. One is about Mother’s Day and the other about Father’s Day. I like how the colorful illustrations and the sweet text encourage children to think about their parents and be good to them. 

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