MILA BOOKSIT: Too Many Pigs in the Pool

By Mila Vincent
February 28, 2022

By: Mila Vincent and Johanna Luza  ~ 

Our seven-year-old theater and book reviewer, Mila Vincent, loved reading “Too Many Pigs in the Pool. Where else? By her pool, with her favorite pig, Penelope! Mila and her grandmother and co-reviewer, Johannah Luza, think you and your grandkids will enjoy this funny, math-themed book, too.


Too Many Pigs in the Pool

By Wendy Hinote Lanier

Illustrated by Iris Amaya

Sleeping Bear Press

Buy It Here.

Mila: I had a lot of fun reading this book to my pig, Penelope— She loves stories about her cousins! Mr. Jenkins had a pool and invited a friend over to swim, and Ms. Peal brought her pet pig, Percy. They had such a good time that Percy brought his pig friend Wanda to swim on Monday. Mr. Jenkins didn’t mind because two pigs can’t cause much trouble. But the next day, Mr. Jenkins heard some noise and walked into the back yard, and there were four pigs in the pool. They played Marco Polo with Mr. Jenkins, and when he said, “Marco,” the pigs would say, “Poinko!” That was so funny!

Every day the pigs would bring more friends, and they played lots of games in the pool. But pretty soon, there were way too many pigs in the swimming pool! You have to read the book to find out what happened. I laughed a lot reading this book, and it also has some fun math in the story, so you can guess how many pigs are in the pool! Penelope loved it too, and we both think all kids — and pigs — will laugh at this story.

Johannah: I agree with Mila. This story is adorable and will make you laugh. It also makes math fun to do! And what parent or grandparent doesn’t like an entertaining and educational book? The book will be out on March 15, and the good news is you can already pre-order it! It’s a story you’ll want to read to the kids over and over!


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