Mila Says: A Christmas Carol

By Mila Vincent with Nancy Churnin
December 2, 2022

By Charles Dickens

Review by Mila Vincent, Johannah Luza, and Nancy Churnin ~

At seven, Mila Vincent may be Dallas’ youngest theater critic, but she is a proud veteran of Dallas Theater Center’s annual A Christmas Carol. This year marks her third time seeing this classic with her grandmother and co-reviewer Johannah Luza, and guess what? She LOVED it again!!! Check out her review to see why you should share this fabulous show with your little ones.


Mila waiting for the show to begin

Mila: This is the third time I’ve seen A Christmas Carol at the Dallas Theater Center, and I love it every time! Each time it’s a little different, so there are always some surprises! It’s a little scary when the Ghost of Christmas Past comes out, so I thought I would prepare myself better for this year’s performance. But I still almost jumped out of my seat! I’m a lot braver than my grandma because she closed her eyes!


I almost know the story by heart, making it even more fun. Every year after the play, some actors come out on stage and talk to the audience. I love asking them questions. I learned a lot about what it takes to produce a play. The sound effects were so good this year. I like watching the kid actors. Mr. Scrooge and the whole cast were fantastic. Take your family to see A Christmas Carol. I give it five stars!


Johannah: Once again, Mila and I enjoyed the Dallas Theater Center production of A Christmas Carol. I loved the adaptation this year; it kept our attention throughout the play. We both love the Wylie theater at the Dallas Theater Center. You feel like you are right there on stage with the actors. The costumes and the set look so authentic, the music is excellent, and the actors did a fabulous job! Make it a tradition as we do. It is worth it!



A Christmas Carol

Where: Wyly Theater | 2400 Flora St., Dallas

When:  Now through Dec. 24 | Visit website for performance times


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