Mila Says: Children’s Theater for March & April 2023

By Mila Vincent with Nancy Churnin
February 28, 2023

Mila Looks Forward to Shows about Strong Girls.

Mila Vincent, our seven-year-old theater critic, is excited about Annie and High School Musical. She also can’t wait to find out how Charlotte is going to save Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web and what Junie B. Jones is going to do with that wonderful pen of many colors she finds in Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook.


Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook

Junie B. Jones finds an amazing pen of many colors at school. Should she keep it? It really is a wonderful pen. Besides, there’s a new boy in kindergarten, and if he sees her fabulous pen, he’s sure to fall in love with her and not with Grace or Lucille, right? Casa Manana presents a sweet comedy about Junie B., who always messes things up — before she gets them right.

Where: Casa Manana | 3101 West Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth

When: Mar. 25 – Apr. 9




“The sun’ll come out tomorrow,” Annie reminds us in the popular Tony Award-winning musical about a plucky orphan determined to find her forever family. Broadway at the Bass presents this joyful show at Bass Hall in Fort Worth.

Where: Bass Hall | 525 Commerce St., Fort Worth

When: Mar. 28 – Apr. 2



High School Musical

The popular musical finds jocks meeting theater kids and learning they have more in common than they realize. This one-act version, part of Casa Manana’s Children’s Theater Series, is just right for all ages!

Where: Casa Manana | 3101 West Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth

When: Apr. 22 – May 7



Charlotte’s Web

A spider sets out to save a pig the only way she knows how: By weaving words in her web. This adaptation of E.B. White’s beloved novel is a joyful, poignant, hopeful story of a friendship that transcends species, life, and time. Recommended for ages three and older.

Where: Dallas Children’s Theater | 5938 Skillman St., Dallas

When: Apr. 29 – May 27


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