Mila Says: Last Stop on Market Street

By Mila Vincent with Nancy Churnin
March 24, 2023

Mila Vincent, our eight-year-old theater critic, took her sister, Avivah, 4, and her co-reviewer and grandmother, Johannah Luza, to Last Stop on Market Street, adapted from the award-winning picture book by Matt de la Pena and Christian Robinson at the Dallas Children’s Theater. The show was a hit with all three. Mila, Avivah, and Johannah think your kids will like it, too!


Actor Denise Lee with Mila and Avivah | Photo by Johannah Luza

Mila: Three years ago, I had tickets to this show, but the theater canceled the show at the last minute because of COVID! I was so excited to see it finally! And my very favorite actor Denise Lee is the grandma in the show!

The grandma and her grandson, CJ, took a bus ride around town. CJ was mad because they didn’t have a car like other people. He was also angry because he didn’t have an iPod like other kids.

But his grandma told him no one has everything. CJ saw a blind man, and it made him realize that he was lucky he could see.

I liked CJ because he was funny sometimes, and the man who played the guitar on the bus, too. I took my little sister with me so she would learn that she can’t always get everything she wants! Just like CJ!

Last Stop on Market Street Cast | Photo courtesy of the Dallas Theater Center

Johannah: This play is adorable with a good message. Denise Lee plays such a sweet grandma, the kind everyone wants! Also, before the show, kids got to make butterfly jars, just like the lady on the bus had. And they got to learn the Pickle Dance that CJ performed! The Dallas Children’s Theater earned another five stars for this event!

Mila and Avivah with their butterfly jars | Photo by Johannah Luza

Last Stop on Market Street

Where: Dallas Children’s Theater | 5938 Skillman St., Dallas

When: Now through Sat. April 2 | Visit the website for performance times


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