Mila Says: Raja’s Pet Camel…The Magic of Hope

By fyi50+
March 31, 2023

By Anita Nahta Amin

Illustrated by Parwinder Singh

Ages 5 -7

Cardinal Rule Press

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Mila: Raja wanted a camel for a pet, but his father said no. People don’t have camels for pets, says his father! But Raja pleaded with him. He finally talked his father into keeping the camel he wanted until they could find a home for him. Raja named his camel Kamal. Kamal was so funny. He ate everyone’s food, knocked down fences, and made a lot of messes.

Raja’s father told him they were going to have to sell Kamal. So Raja told everyone that his camel spits and snores and is rude! He didn’t want anyone to buy his pet. And no one did! Raja decided to enter Kamal in a camel race to win money so they could keep him. But Kamal lost the race. And Raja’s father wasn’t happy. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens.

I laughed so hard at Kamal. He was so cute but always in trouble! This book is good for kids of all ages. It makes you laugh!

Johannah: All kids want a pet at some time in their lives. This sweet and funny book is a story of love between a boy and a camel, with a lot of humor. The illustrations show so much emotion and color. I loved the story, and the Facts about the Thar Desert in India at the back of the book are an excellent learning tool for children and adults. Humorous story and educational at the same time! Five stars!

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