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Let’s face it, aging is changing: people are living fun-filled, rewarding lives well into their 70s and 80s! The 50+ generation is moving into a new stage of life with energy, drive, and high expectations. For them, retirement is the start of a new adventure…. Mid-lifers and beyond are living longer, healthier lives, and pursuing a myriad of activities and interests. They do not want to grow old gracefully… They don’t want to grow old at all! Retirement is no longer an ending, but the beginning of a brand-new act.

The fyi50+ community are the go-getters, the gardeners, the doting Grandparent, the adventurers, the travelers, and the entrepreneurs. 50-plussers are reinventing themselves in new careers and lifestyles. There is no looking backward, only looking forward — and the fyi50+ gen is proud to be the generation to Follow Their Interest wherever it leads!

The goal of fyi50+ is to inspire new thoughts, inform with new discoveries, and entertain with new ideas.


Heidi Frankel
Publisher/Managing Editor

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