Mixing Photography and Painting to Create Unique Art

30 years ago I started hand-coloring black and white photographs. At first it was just a hobby… but I bought six pieces from Deb Dupont, an artist from Texas, and finally realized I need to learn how to do this.’ I am self-taught; there is nothing computerized or digital about my original work. The process includes taking the film photos, developing them in my darkroom and then hand painting each picture with oils.

I landed my first job at the Summit County Journal in Breckenridge, Colorado. I worked other jobs including on-mountain photographer, teaching high school photography and owning a word and data processing business. My husband and I sold the business and bought the newspaper at Copper Mountain, Colorado. For nearly 20 years we owned two ski resort newspapers and a magazine. In 1999, while recovering from a serious cancer, we sold the publishing company. A few years later, I decided to pursue my art full-time.

I have received many first place and best of show awards and look forward to participating in more art shows. This past season I was accepted at the prestigious Richardson Cottonwood Arts Festival. I enjoy meeting the many wonderful people who visit my booth and purchase my work.

I have traveled around Norway, Denmark, France, and Mexico to capture different images. My best-selling photograph is from Paris, “Lady at the Louvre.” My other paintings capture scenes in Colorado, the Southwest, Midwest and Northwest.

What I love about my art is I get to create my own vision. I take a black and white picture then come home and paint it the way I’d like to see it, or the way it appeals to me.

As we age, we all need something to make us happy and lift our spirits. So, I paint my scenes with more bright colors than what you might see. I want people to be happy with the art they choose, I want it to put a smile on their faces.

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