Tips For A Bite-Free Environment

Summer time is the right time for mosquitos to be out in force but, the little buggers are hanging around for a little longer and are a real nuisance!

The City of Dallas and the CDC has shared some tips for keeping those buzzing buggers away from you and your home.

Most mosquitoes in our area and around the country are homegrown and need water to reproduce. Mosquitoes mature from egg to adult in 7-10 days and are prevalent in the Dallas/Fort Worth area until November.

Getting Rid of Mosquito Breeding Sites is Easy with the Following Guidelines:

  • Empty standing water from flowerpots, buckets and barrels.
  • Change the water in pet dishes consistently.
  • Replace the water in birdbaths weekly.
  • Drill holes in tire swings so water drains out.
  • Keep your children’s wading pools empty and, on their sides, when they are not being used.
  • Eliminate puddles caused by leaking faucets and pipes or condensation from air conditioners.


Remember The Four D’s Of Mosquito Safety Awareness:

  • DRAIN: Drain or treat all standing water in and around your home or workplace. Standing water can also be found in swimming pools that are not kept clean, ponds, potted plants, old tires, toys and clogged rain gutters.
  • DUSK and DAWN: Limit outdoor activities during dusk and dawn when mosquitoes are most active. The mosquito that carries the West Nile Virus is active during the daytime hours, so be sure you are protected at all times.
  • DRESS: Wear long, loose, and light-colored clothing outside.
  • DEET All Day, Every Day: Whenever you are outside, use insect repellents that contain DEET or other EPA approved repellents or an organic alternative like Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus. Be sure to read and follow the directions on the package.


Heeding these tips will help you get through days and evenings bite free.

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