Organize for a Happy Re-New Year!

Springtime is a beautiful time of year: Renew, Refresh, Revive!!!

This is also a great time of year to plan an Organizing Project — in small chunks of time.

Visualize the area you want organized, imagine how you’ll feel when you see it, how fresh and clean it will smell…

Think of spring flowers, and how pretty and vibrant they are…

Now, transfer that thought to your visual. You WILL have a beautiful, calm, colorful, organized, and restored space!

Start with the end picture in mind. In other words, work backwards. If you want your kitchen organized, start with one area. Sort and separate; keep like with like; discard and donate duplicate items.

DON’T save something thinking you “might use it someday.” Someday has already passed, and more items are piling up and not being used. Work in small time frames.

Give yourself lots of KUDOS for the work accomplished. Take water breaks and enjoy some form of physical exercise in between organizing.

Small spurts of physical exercise rejuvenate our brain cells and allows us to continue organizing without being overwhelmed.

Take pictures of your project, from beginning to end, and share them with friends, family and co-workers! I’d enjoy seeing pictures, too!

Happy organizing!

Enjoy the beautiful weather and remember to take baby steps in all your organizing projects — “Attitude to Action!”

Happy organizing,


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