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Elder Lawyer with a Banjo on his Knee

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/08/elder-lawyer-with-a-banjo-on-his-knee/"></div>I’m an elder attorney. I help people age with dignity, grace

Yes, Someday Your Prints Will Come

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/08/yes-someday-your-prints-will-come/"></div>My wife and I went to an eighth-grade football game where our

Large Barge Cruising in France…The Understated Luxury of Floating Aboard a Piece of French History

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/08/large-barge-cruising-in-france-the-understated-luxury-of-floating-aboard-a-piece-of-french-history/"></div><!--

Planning for a Fulfilling Retirement

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/08/planning-for-a-fulfilling-retirement/"></div>During my career at AT&T as a Leadership Development Coach,

8 Ways for Caregivers in the Sandwich Generation to Reduce Stress

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/08/8-ways-for-caregivers-in-the-sandwich-generation-to-reduce-stress/"></div>“The following article may

Pickleball… What is THAT?

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/07/pickleball-what-is-that/"></div>What would you think if you heard someone describe a sport like this —


<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/07/whoa-texas/"></div>Next year will mark 20 years since I moved to Texas. Because this is the longest I’ve

Treat Yourself to a Massage

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/07/treat-yourself-to-a-massage/"></div>STRESS RELIEF: Stress is a part of life that we all try to avoid, but

Total Mind and Body Release

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/06/total-mind-and-body-release/"></div>What if your yoga class went like this. You enter a softly lit room

Fur Babies and the Holidays

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/06/fur-babies-and-the-holidays/"></div><!-- AddThis Advanced Settings above via filter on get_the_excerpt --><!--

Small-Town Guy, Big-City Legend

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/06/small-town-guy-big-city-legend/"></div>Sportscaster Dale Hansen Steps into His 70’s More Empowered

Social Security and Medicare

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/11/01/social-security-and-medicare/"></div>Basic Yet Important Things to Know Social Security and Medicare can

50+ Adults and Pets—Why It’s a Perfect Match

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/10/28/50-adults-and-pets-why-its-a-perfect-match/"></div>A new study shows older adults who own dogs are more

Choosing a Casket – Have Some Fun!

<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/10/28/choosing-a-casket-have-some-fun/"></div>Whoever said the universal experiences are death and taxes was right. 


<div class="at-above-post-homepage addthis_tool" data-url="https://www.fyi50plus.com/2018/10/28/mosquitos/"></div>Tips For A Bite-Free Environment Summer time is the right time for mosquitos to be out

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