KIDFILM USA Film Festival
Angelika Film Center | 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas.

When: Sat. Jan. 19 – Sun. Jan. 20



Forget What You’ve Heard, We Want You to Visit. Let’s say you want to visit New York, but you don’t want to be a typical tourist, especially not


Keep Fit with Your Fur Baby

By Dr. Becker Dog ownership makes sense for Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964. There are countless benefits to sharing life with a dog, especially for people in their 50s and 60s

The Social Security “Green Line” Report – Get yours today!

By David G. Freitag, Financial Planning Consultant, MassMutual The Social Security Administration, in the past, mailed a full annual report to workers about their Social Security benefits.  The report

These Hospitals in Texas Among Nation’s Greatest

Becker’s Healthcare released its annual list of “100 great hospitals in America.” See which Texas hospitals made the cut. By Don Johnson, Patch National Staff A new report says six hospitals

3 Things Stressing Older Workers More than Younger Ones

A Portland State study found big differences between the generations By Richard Eisenberg, Money & Work Editor Older workers are plenty stressed these days, especially about having enough money saved

Conflicted About Getting a Pet Because You Think You’re Too Old?

Story at-a-Glance Pet ownership offers many physical and emotional benefits for seniors, although practical matters, such as health status, must be considered In a study of older adults, dog walking was

Sex at 50-Plus: What’s Normal?

By Chrisanna Northrup, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. James Witte A new survey reveals how typical your romance is … or isn’t Maybe your sex life is one breathless romp after another. But what about everyone

Keeping Grandkids Afloat: Grandparents Step In

Eileen Brown will never forget July 21, 2013. “It’s the day our lives changed in a nanosecond,” Brown said, referring to the day her daughter was arrested and charged with armed robbery. At that

Grandkids Keep You Young

Note to Mimi, Didi, Gigi, G-Ma and the rest of the gang who have swapped out your own pet names for Grandma: Being a grandparent is good for your health. So says Angela Sanford, M.D., assistant professor

Owning a Pet Is Good for Your Health

Walking is great for your health, including when you’re older, and having a dog is a great impetus for getting out there and walking. In fact, in a study of older adults, dog walking was associated

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