Queen Bees

A Film for the Young and the Young at Heart

By: Clara Mathews | All photos courtesy of Gravitas Ventures ~ 

Queen Bees is the fun, feel-good movie you can kick back and enjoy! Ellen Burstyn, Ann Margaret, Jane Curtain, and Loretta Devine star alongside James Caan and Christopher Lloyd in this charming dramedy.

Burstyn plays Helen Wilson, a widow. Except for her beloved grandson, Peter, Helen’s life is centered around her home. Like many seniors, Helen fights fiercely to maintain her independence and to maintain control over her life.

One night while cooking dinner, Helen takes out the garbage and locks herself out of the house. Before she knows it, the kitchen is engulfed in flames. Repairs must be made to her house, forcing Helen to choose between living with her bossy daughter or temporarily living in the local senior community.

Helen chooses the lesser of two evils: The Pine Grove Senior Community.

Pine Grove is an incredible facility, with luxurious amenities and a friendly staff. But Helen isn’t interested in any of it. She is going back to her home in 30 days. Why should she make friends or settle into life at Pine Grove?

Helen soon finds that life in this senior community is not much different than life in high school: Helen is the new kid, and she must put up not just with the popular folks but also the mean girls.

It’s these mean girls who rule over the Pine Grove community as the Queen B’s (guess what the B stands for).

Ann-Margret plays Margot Clark, the lusty one; Loretta Devine is Sally Hanson, the sweet one; and Jane Curtain is Janet Poindexter, the meanest of the three.

And, with few eligible men in this senior’s community, even a man with a ridiculous toupee like Arthur Lane (played by Christopher Lloyd) have their pick of the ladies.

So when the handsome new widower, Dan Simpson (played by James Caan), moves in, he is met with a welcoming committee of single ladies with covered dishes.

Jane Curtin, Loretta Devine, Ann-Margret

As repairs to her home begin to take much longer than expected, Helen soon settles into life at Pine Grove.

Her life opens up, she joins the Bridge Club with the Queen B’s, enjoys her first shiatsu massage, and puts her love of flowers to use.

Before she is even aware of it, Helen has a life filled with fun new friends, adventures, and so much more than she ever expected.

Queen Bees is the perfect feel-good movie for the young and the young at heart with an all-star cast.

Queen Bees is now playing in theaters and on-demand.

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