Radiant Summer Skin Begins with a Winter Regimen!

That first week of warm spring weather never fails to lighten the mood after a brisk season stuck indoors. Warm sunny weather requires less make-up. Here are just a few ways you can be ready to show off your radiance when the sun comes out!


Establish a realistic skincare regimen during the winter months, a ritual that easily fits into your lifestyle and one you can stick to each morning and night. Implementing an effective skincare program can be easily achieved with only a few targeted products, so start small.
Despite less exposure in the winter, it is important to keep skin moist and smooth during those dry, cold months. Investing in a few extra minutes a day to pamper yourself is incredibly gratifying and will produce luminous, youthful looking skin when it is time to shed those layers!


Moisturizing face and body after cleansing each morning is essential to stave off dryness and itchiness from outdoor air and indoor heat. Extra clothing layers can do double duty, not only keeping you warmer but also helping skin retain its moisture longer. So layer on your moisturizer and sweaters!


The evening is the best time to treat and moisturize your skin. Like the rest of your body’s organs, the skin heals and rejuvenates overnight, so before bedtime is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of exfoliators and rich moisturizers for both face and body.
Take the time to remove any makeup and cleanse with a mild exfoliator to leave your skin comfortably clean, smooth, and prepared for serum, moisturizer, and eye cream. Try our potent Brightening Vitamin C collection.


Maintaining an optimal nighttime temperature in your bedroom can help reduce the potential for drier skin in the morning. Try a humidifier to fill your room with skin-loving hydration, especially if you tend to sleep with the heat on. Waking up to soft supple skin will be just one of the remarkable benefits you will notice.


Sunscreen is an absolute must-have even in the winter months. Yes, even when it’s cloudy or overcast. Wear sunscreen every day to protect your beautiful skin and keep it firm, even, and glowing.


Consistency with these regimens will ensure your glowing head-start on radiance when the sun heats up. Take that extra few minutes in the morning and evening to treat your skin and you will be ready to show off your summer skin with confidence.

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