Reclaim Your Domain

Are you feeling a bit restless because you’re confined to your home due to taking precautions for the Coronavirus? Consider staying active by decluttering your home!  You’ll feel better being productive, and you’ll love the extra space you get after cleaning out years of accumulation!
To help you with this project, JUNK KING is offering a 10% discount on any size hauling job to help you reclaim your domain!
Your wellbeing (and their crew’s wellbeing) is always their top priority. With COVID-19 (Coronavirus) developments happening worldwide, the good people Junk King want to put your mind at ease with the precautions that are in place to ensure your safety.

  • Their team always wears gloves when hauling, but in these times, they disinfect their hands with sanitizer and place gloves on their hands before entering any household or job. 
  • Crew members only work when they are healthy and not showing any signs of fever or illness.
  • All employees wash their hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, after every completed job, etc. 
  • When making an appointment, you may request to have your junk picked up outside of your property or in a location without direct contact (i.e., garage or carport). A pick-up can be made from any point within your home or office.
  • Payments accepted over the phone.


Get a jumpstart on your Spring Cleaning with a 10% discount!
You will thank yourself for it.

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