Safe and Sensible Scents of the Season

By Lisa Osborn
November 28, 2022

Aromas make the holiday season more memorable and festive.

Pumpkin spice brings warmth into the home. Cinnamon bark, nutmeg, clove, orange, and peppermint conjure up memories of cookies and candy canes. Frankincense and copal (copaiba) might be reminiscent of midnight mass. Pine, rosemary, or spruce offer aromas of decked-halls or the holiday tree. Smells uniquely connect with the emotional part of the brain, bringing back fond memories.

Diffusing high-quality essential oils in an ultrasonic diffuser is a safe and economical way to bring pure, fresh aromas into your home over the holidays and year-round. Many beautiful decorative diffusers can add a glow of light while circulating subtle scents to any room.

There are other ways to bring these attractive aromas into your holiday traditions.

A few (up to 10) drops of essential oil sprinkled directly on holiday potpourri, wreaths, and pinecone decorations can restore their charm. Or give the gift of relaxation (to yourself or someone else) by mixing 10 drops of essential oil into a cup of Epsom salt in a warm bath for a spa-like experience. A drop of ylang ylang, geranium, or clary sage is an alternative to perfume.

Essential oil diffusers are a much safer way than candles and conventional air fresheners to set the mood. With no open flame, diffusing essential oils is also a cleaner alternative: There’s no soot or smoke. Even naturally fragranced, expensive candles can emit harmful fumes.

Not to mention, essential oils are more cost-effective and reduce waste. You might get 25 hours of enjoyment out of a single candle, but a diffuser with a set of essential oils will last you all year.

Aromas engage the feeling/limbic part of the brain, conjuring up memories and emotional states. Since chronic stress is at the root of many diseases, you can use essential oils to improve your health by reducing stress. For example, when you are naturally relaxed or induced by guided imagery or meditation, you can inhale a soothing essential oil like Stress Away. This scent will enhance the ability of the oil to relax and calm you when needed.

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences. It takes a lot of roses (thousands!) to make the tiniest bottle of rose oil, which is why cheap retail oils contain very little, if any, pure oil and are often diluted with synthetic fillers that negate the health reasons that you are choosing oils. The brand of essential oils I offer on is free of harsh or artificial additives. Because of their high concentration, knowing how your selected oils are made is vital to support your health and well-being is critical.

Popular holiday aromas include vanilla, spruce, pine, and other conifers, cinnamon bark, nutmeg, orange, peppermint, and frankincense. Thieves and Christmas Spirit are two popular blends that are popular choices.

Consider supporting a healthier lifestyle during this festive season and into the new year. For clean and scentful ideas, visit

Here’s to a healthy holiday season and a fresh start to the New Year.

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