Sanctuary from Stress: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Sanctuary Wherever You Are

By Sherri Reed, Sacred Life Publishers, 2020 | Book Review by Marlene Caraballo~
Sanctuary from Stress, by Sherri Reed, is an engaging guidebook for moving us gently from feeling lost in the storm of stress to creating our own protective space of peace and serenity. There couldn’t be a more perfect time for this book!
The meaning of sanctuary is commonly defined as a place of refuge or safety. Reed walks us through the steps to building our own personal place of refuge with simple, easily accessible instructions and suggestions.
Her voice is encouraging and grounding as she leads us through a variety of ways to create personalized sanctuary space in our home or wherever we may be. Her approach aims to tap into what brings us a sense of calm — from such means as our use of color, lighting, candles, prayer, and art, to incorporating journaling. Reed’s goal is to help the reader invite profound inner connection and naturally reduce stress.
I recommend this book with two thumbs up for those feeling a call to create their own personal sanctuary. A personal space of comfort and emotional peace is always valuable, especially so in these trying times.

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