Scented Candles Benefit Your Well-Being

By Heidi Frankel
October 28, 2021

By: Heidi Frankel | 

How many of us have searched for a way to center ourselves during these stressful times?

For me, one way to do so is to light a well-curated candle that takes me from a place of stress to a place of calm. How can a simple scent affect me like this?

Scented candles play a vital role in the effects of mood, stress, working capability, and overall mental health. The calming effects of a scented candle rely on how the brain processes smell. A candle’s scent stimulates the limbic system, the part of your brain connected to memory and emotions. This can produce hormones like serotonin and dopamine to help control mood.

Scents like lavender will relax you. Citrus scents are proven to lift your spirits and boost energy. Piñon pine and vanilla will make you feel cozy. Rosemary reduces tension. Peppermint and spearmint help wake up your mind and sharpen your focus.

I am a lover of candles. I’m always on the lookout for ones with scents that begin with each lighting of the wick — not just when the flame goes out.

While I was working in Brooklyn in September, I went to visit the Brooklyn Museum. There was an artisan fair that day. As I walked around, I passed a table with candles, incense, and aromatherapy. The candle scents wafted through the air as I passed and stayed with me. I returned to speak with the company owner, Tracey Kim, to learn more about her incredible scents.

Kim told me her company, OJAS & WOO, was born out of her love of scents and aromatherapy. Kim explained she spent two years testing fragrances and developing non-toxic candle ingredients for optimal burn time and scent throws, ensuring little waste in wax or product. Her candles contain eco-friendly wooden wicks that are clean-burning, atmospheric, and made from FSC-certified wood.

In her quest to guarantee her candles and other products are holistic and good for body, mind, and soul, she also took care to ensure her products’ quality and artistic designs.

Kim created each candle to raise fond memories: The Fruits in Sicily scent reminded a customer of her Nonna; for another customer, the Ibiza scent triggered a long-lost memory of traveling with the tribal community in Canada.

The scent that drew me in, Midnight Woodland, reminded me of my Dad when I was a little, curly-haired girl running to greet him when he came home from work.

So, if the days seem long and the stress is hard to bear, buy a candle, light it, and let the scent carry you away.

For more information on OJAS & WOO, to browse its unique products, and learn about its sustainability and environmental impact, visit 

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