Senior Dogs Have a Lot of Love to Give

Honest reasons to adopt an older pooch

The online dog journal,, published a wonderful article on senior dog adoption. As an adopter of an older dog myself, I couldn’t agree more with its findings.
Shelters are full of older pups who, for whatever reason, find themselves alone and caged. People tend to think older dogs will be readily adopted. Sadly, however, this is rarely true. These seniors are often overlooked and therefore euthanized.
If you are thinking about adopting a dog, here are some fabulous reasons to consider adopting an older pooch.
Most seniors already have some training: They are not only house-trained, but usually know some basic commands, as well. Try getting that with a puppy!
Whereas young dogs require socializing, old pups have already been socialized. When you open the car door, they know what to do. They usually know words like, “walk”, “leash”, “no” and “treat.” It’s easier and more fun to interact with them. They’re ready to provide the companionship we all love from a dog.
Older pooches also tend to feel deep gratitude for their rescue. They are the ultimate people-pleasers and will reward you with unwavering devotion. So, teaching them new tricks, or advancing their training, is pretty easy. They also make wonderful therapy animals!
Since senior dogs have “been there, done that,” they are calmer and typically less excitable. They still love a good walk, of course, but they are less demanding of time and energy. They are totally comfortable simply curled up next to their pet parent. This is wonderful if YOU are a senior, too!
Senior dogs also have well-developed personalities, so there are far fewer surprises about their behavior. You know that what you see is what you get. Matching their personality to your style is a snap.
Of course, when considering a senior dog, keep in mind potential medical issues. A kind, gentle, and understanding attitude helps older dogs adjust with ease and comfort.
And, if you ever wanted to be thought of as a hero, these darlings will remind you of that fact every day! You have saved a life. You have brought a dog from depression and hopelessness back into the love and light of a new forever home… no matter how long that ends up being. Doesn’t the quality of a life of love mean more than the quantity?
I only had my old girl, Maya, a Pug, for six months. She had led a rough life before I got to her, and I adored her. Every day, she made someone’s day a little better. Maya made an impression that will last a lifetime. My lifetime.

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